Vick This week, we're back to our regularly scheduled programming on #MusicMonday; no themes or individual artists, though I must say it was a lot of fun delving deep into whatever the chosen segment was for that week. 

If you enjoyed any of the articles -- Bruce Springsteen was my personal favorite -- don't fret, because I am not yet done with the themes. 

I might even throw a real curve ball and include classical music or instrumental bands, who knows!? Stay tuned.

As for this week, there were really only a few big story lines to emerge or come to a conclusion which will force this article to dig deeper for material than normal.

Let's press play.


Big Apple Blues

Eli Manning and the Giants look as if they're in cruise control about four weeks too early. Yesterday's game against the Bengals had the look and feel of a team that had already clinched a playoff spot and is just hoping not to get anyone important injured.

The Jets are in a complete free-fall: the once vaunted defense looks pedestrian without Darrelle Revis, Mark Sanchez has been truly terrible in this recent stretch of bad games and Rex Ryan thinks everything is still a joke.  It is a joke! Skip Bayless has been waiting all year for this collapse.

Song: The Thrill is Gone by BB King

Relevant Lyrics:

"The thrill is gone

It's gone away from me

The thrill is gone baby

The thrill is gone away from me

Although, I'll still live on

But so lonely I'll be"


Michael Sick

I don't want to brag about my psychic abilities but I did predict the Cowboys would win and Nick Foles would become the Eagles' new quarterback. I didn't foresee an injury being the cause of this change but don't be shocked for one second when Michael Vick isn't starting their next game, healthy or not. 

However, until the offensive line learns how to block, Nick Foles will have to adopt a similar tactic as Vick: run for your life!

Song: Doll Parts by Hole

Relevant lyrics:

"I fake it so real I am beyond fake

And someday you will ache like I ache

And someday you will ache like I ache"


1972 is Safe

Once again, the 1972 Dolphins remain the league's only unbeaten team. I also predicted this win -- I don't have much else to brag about this week so deal with it -- because of two factors. 

The first, the Saints desperately needed a win to get themselves fully back in the wild card chase.  The second, going undefeated is almost no importance anymore, unless your Bill Belichick. What does it matter if you finish 16-0 vs. 15-1 or 13-3?  

Were the Giants' two recent Super Bowl victories somehow less substantial because they had less than perfect records? The football season is a war of attrition, most coaches, and players for that matter, are happy to get through the 16-game schedule healthy when they finally make it to the playoffs.

Besides, no team wants Mercury Morris sarcastically battle rapping them because they only went 14-2 and won the Super Bowl. 

Song: The Dogs of War by Pink Floyd

Relevant Lyrics:

"You can knock at any door,

But wherever you go, you know they've been there before

Well winners can lose and things can get strained

But whatever you change, you know the dogs remain."


Kissing Your Sister

That's what the Rams and 49ers did yesterday. The first tie in the NFL since Donovan McNabb famously forgot how the rules of his sport work against the Bengals four years ago. I'm not sure how I include a tie when I tally my record for the One-Liners column. 

Should I include two ties as the last line? Side note: The Kansas City Chiefs had back-to-back years with ties in 1988-89, the only time that's happened in the modern NFL era. I'm sure Romeo Crennel would kiss anyone for a tie these days.

Song: Train in Vain by The Clash

Relevant lyrics:

"All the times

When we were close

I'll remember these things the most

I see all my dreams come tumbling down"


BCS Implications?

I was watching the Oakland Raiders - Baltimore Ravens game at a restaurant with some friends and we were shell-shocked that an SEC game broke out toward the end: the Ravens were running fake field goal plays and throwing 40-yard bombs when they were up by like, I don't know, 70 points in the fourth quarter to impress Harris Poll voters, or something. 

I'm surprised none of the Raiders retaliated. These ain't your grandpa's Raiders, apparently.  

Seriously, your grandpa's Raiders would have snuck pry bars and claw hammers on the field and beaten Joe Flacco to death and only garnered a 15-yard penalty. 

Song: Conscience Killer by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Relevant lyrics:

"I'm a red-blooded sickness

There was no way around it

I'm a fine line teaser

Never been nothing but a cheater

I'm a son of the night

Give a little room and I'll spit in your eye"


Too Short for Cedar Point, Too Good to Ignore

Is Russell Wilson really this good? He's on pace for close to 30 touchdown passes to 16 interceptions with a quarterback rating of 90.5. More importantly, he keeps the Seahawks in every single game and even seems to have a little bit of that 'intangible magic' of the elite quarterbacks. 

I don't know if I can trust a quarterback I could easily post-up in a pickup hoops game, but so far he's proving that his height and his lack of NFL experience are not hindrances. 

Song: I Wish by Skee-Lo

Relevant lyrics:

Entire song. Cheesy selection but I couldn't help myself.


Monday Night Dedication

This is probably the only time Jonathan Dwyer and Shaun Suisham will ever get a direct shout-out in an article this season but this is what fantasy football has done to me. I've had a hot streak and 'Smoke Weeden Everyday' is threatening to climb out of the cellar and back into the playoff race. 

However, due to Antonio Brown's absence and bye-week scheduling, I am forced to play these two gentlemen.  

Dwyer, I need touchdowns, bro. Like three. I don't care about yards as much, but if you could break a long one, that would be awesome. This could be your last opportunity to shine before Rashard Mendenhall is healthy so grab the bull by the horns!  

Suisham, my fellow Bowling Green State University grad, I remember those Saturdays watching you destroy BG and MAC scoring records with that golden foot of yours.

I need more from you tonight. I'm talking three or four long field goals. Don't be afraid to approach Mike Tomlin about lining up for a field goal on second down in the red zone or letting you get a crack from 60 yards+. I need the points, think of your fellow Falcon alum!  

Song: The Mercenary by Iron Maiden

Relevant lyrics:

"Pay to kill, die to lose

Hunted, hunter which are you

Diablo come again

To make trophies out of men"


Any suggestions for tunes or maybe a new theme in the coming weeks; put them in the comments section and thanks for reading!