NFL Mock Draft: Version 3.0 Post Combine

By Seth Carson
March 12, 2013 2:34 pm
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The 2013 Combine workouts are over, and offseason moves will commence shortly, which brings me to my second most favorite part of the football offseason, predicting the upcoming NFL Draft.

I will provide differing versions as time moves forward. In this mock draft I have discarded all consensus input, and went with my own rankings to project the first three rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft.

I've made some modifications following the Combines, free agents set to depart each team, and trades made prior to 3/12/2013. I've also taken into consideration any scouting concerns following the Combine and players that had a terrific outing and impressed the coaches.

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2 years ago
Hey Seth hows it going? You already know my opinion the if the Niners see their guy between say 10 and 20 they package some picks and move up; and I believe a 3-4 End or Tackle or both are the guys they are watching. With a potential 11 to 14 picks, which is way too many for this year Balke will be shakin-n-bakin either to move up this year or get more picks for next year or both.

I realize you are playing this str8 up and you likely did a lot more homework than I have done so if you think he is the best available at this spot then I will go with your pick for now. If D Goldson finds his $8MM a year he is gone Niners can not and will not match (I personnally think he is gone the Niners have committed $$ to Willis and Bowman). So FS will clearly be on the list. Keep in mind there is a huge debate here in the Bay Area (Fans and Journalist anyway haha) about whether the pass defense declined at year end because of the secondary or the pass rush (also can't ignore the QB's we faced as well as the fact that teams did not really try to run). As you know I am in the pass rush camp due to Smith injury and too many year long snaps for Smith and McDonald. We need some fresh rotation IMHO that does not cost too much in the short term.

cheers Mate lets chat after the Free Agency smoke clears!
2 years ago
Doing great Don, it's great hearing from you again!

I'm in the camp that both the secondary and the front line (thanks to Smith) faltered down the stretch. The entire secondary is HORRIBLE! But, a replacement for Smith must be done as well before next season, either FA or draft, which I have the Niners going after Williams at #34 after getting Cyprien at #31. So the Smith issues is resolved and the secondary gets some much needed depth, cause honestly the corners need to go, Whitner is a waste of money, and Goldson wont get a big money deal in San Fran, he's not worth it. Thus, entering the draft, a replacement for Smith is required as is revamping the secondary. These kids can sit for a season or two and learn, while horrible yes, the secondary did get the team into the post season, but reared its true colors in the Super Bowl. I credit the success to a good front seven, but Smith is a disease and is slowing down the defensive production.

Thus, replace Smith with Williams, and take younger secondary players with the remaining picks of the first 3 rounds. Then take offensive and defensive development players in rounds 4-7. At least there is good depth in the secondary unlike this season.

Yeah dude, hit me up anytime here or on twitter (sethcarsonIMV) and we'll talk ball!
2 years ago
There is a 0% chance the Packers take a TE with the first round pick. Even if Finley leaves TE wouldn't be a top 5 need. That pick will be o-line, defensive end, or MAYBE their RB of the future.
2 years ago

TE, WR, WR with first 3 packer picks? Has any team, ever, in the history of the nfl, takes a TE and 2 WRs with their first 3 picks? What about a team that already had one of the best offenses in the league the previous season? I respect you for going 3 rounds deep, but the Packers will draft to meet needs and these just aren't the needs to be met. I could see a 3rd round pick being a WR if they find someone they just can't pass on....but they have to protect Rodgers and attack the ball on defense first. Rodgers can make you and me look like pretty solid WRs so I'm guessing the likes of Nelson, Cobb, Jones, and Crabtree (so we'll even assume jennings and finley are both gone) will be plenty.
2 years ago

They stand to lose their three best receivers, so yes, it's a need. Jennings goes elsewhere along with the other two (very possible) then WR is a big need. I appreciate your response, but none of their top three receivers are shoe ins to return next season.
2 years ago

What are you talking about? Their three best receivers? 2012 stats: Randall Cobb 954 yards and 8 scores. James Jones 784 yards and 14 TDs. Jordy Nelson 745 yards 7 scores. Those were the top 3 wide receivers for the Packers in 2012. Finley was 4th and Jennings was 5th and they COMBINED for 1033 yards and 6 scores. Tom Crabtree had more scores (3) at the TE position than Finley (2). If you are somehow also referring to Driver, he had 8 catches for 77 yards.

So actually the Packers "three best receivers" are all still on the team. Could you let me know what 3 receivers you are referring to? Even if we look back at 2011, Nelson led the team with 1263 yards and 15 scores. Again, I respect going 3 rounds deep, but you are wrong on the Packers needs and apparently what players they do or do not have under contract.
2 years ago

You're right, losing Jennings doesnt effect them one bit.
2 years ago

Strong about some stats? How about telling me what 3 WRs you are talking about? And if 2012 is any demonstration of what GB will do without Jennings then I'd say they will be fine. Jennings was 5th in receptions and yards.

Its really not that difficult to admit that there is no way the Packers need to take 2 WRs and a TE with their first three picks and also very easy to admit that they arent losing their three best receivers....whose names you still have not provided.

I'm sure you don't mind the bickering....gets your comments up there!
2 years ago

Actually, I was agreeing with you that losing Jennings wouldn't hurt them one bit. Perhaps you are correct, maybe you are not, we'll just have to see how things turn out on draft day. And Lucas, I'm dying to see your 3 rounds and what I could find to bicker about too. ;)
2 years ago

LOL, I'll leave the three rounds to you. I'll try and consider myself a Packer wanna be expert (enough knowledge to keep the conversation strong, but not enough to manage the team), but I'll leave the rest of the league to someone else. I was hoping to get some flack from you on a few of my articles though :)
2 years ago

Oh I'll give you some flack my friend, just wrote another article first. Time to check out your collection!

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