After many months of speculation and discussion, the NFL seemingly moved one step closer to relocating one of its current franchises to Los Angeles as this week Commissioner Roger Goodell sent out a memo outlining the guidelines, rules, and procedures a team must follow in order to relocate a franchise to the Los Angeles area. So the question becomes what team if any would want to relocate to the Los Angeles area. This article looks at the top four teams that would benefit from relocating to Los Angeles.  

4. Kansas City Chiefs
The Kansas City Chiefs started out as the Dallas Texans, before relocating to the Kansas City area in May 1963. Despite success early on which included a Super Bowl IV win, the team has not won a Super Bowl since Super Bowl IV, has only made the playoffs three times since 1998,  and has not won a conference championship since the NFL-AFL merger. Overall, Kansas City is not a team that is associated with winning in the NFL.

With their inability to make or play well in the post season, along with the fact that they are playing in an area not commonly associated with football in an aging stadium, Kansas City could certainly benefit from a new start in a new city and a new market.

3. Oakland Raiders
The Oakland Raiders played in Oakland from 1960 through 1980 before moving to the Los Angeles area. The team would play in the Los Angeles area from 1981-1994 before moving back to Oakland.

Since moving back to the Oakland area though, thing have not gone so well for the franchise. The most notable disaster was the drafting and failure of quarterback JaMarcus Russell, however, the team has suffered other setbacks which include losing badly in Super Bowl 37, not making the playoffs since 2002, and going through seven head coaches.

With all the missteps the team has experienced since moving back to Oakland, coupled with the fact that the team has played in Los Angeles before and the passing of Al Davis, maybe the team should consider rebranding themselves/starting over back in Los Angeles.  

2. St. Louis Rams
One of the team’s being rumored to be considering relocation is the St. Louis Rams. This would make sense considering St. Louis’ history of doing so in the past. The franchise started out in 1936 playing as the Cleveland Rams, and played under that team name until 1945.

Prior to the 1946 season, the team relocated to the Los Angeles area to a stadium that at the time had a seating capacity of 105,000 becoming the Los Angeles Rams.  After playing in the Los Angeles area until 1979.  Then from 1980 until 1994 the team would play in Anaheim to try and avoid local blackouts, and to try and garner more fans.

Following the 1994 season the team to the dismay of many, moved from the Los Angeles area to St. Louis, where the team is still currently playing.

The team has a history of moving to different areas, along with the fact that Los Angeles is a bigger market than St. Louis, and the fact that the team’s home stadium is close to twenty years old, it makes sense for St. Louis to return to their roots, and bring football back to Los Angeles. The team seems to move to where the money is and the fans are, both of which are now elsewhere.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars
There are three major reasons why the Jacksonville Jaguars would benefit from relocating the team. The first major reason is suffering from consistent low attendance numbers. From 2011 back through 2009, Jacksonville ranked 25th, 24th and 30th respectively in those years for average attendance.

A second major reason is that the team could move out of the somewhat restrictive television markets and limited fan bases. Granted, moving to Los Angles would move the team from one crowded market to another, but I think the team would have a better chance of success in California then in Florida.

A third major reason would be that the team would have little to leave behind. The franchise is still relatively young, and would have less traditions to leave behind, less great team records to erase, and the team would not have to worry about bringing any Lombardi trophies with them.

In the end I think that Jacksonville would best benefit from relocation.