Before the first NFL game kicked off in 2012 everything was sliced, diced and broken down for us by all the experts who raised questions and made predictions as well.  

Right now entering week 10 of the NFL season, many questions have been answered, some predictions have come true but currently, these three players not only exceeded expectations, they are leaders in their respective position.

No one could have predicted where any of these guys currently stand. Let's break it down and see exactly what they have done to make all of our jaws drop.

Reggie Wayne, WR - Indianapolis Colts

A wide receiver who has quietly piled up the yards and touchdowns over the years.  Drafted in 2001 by the Indianapolis Colts, he was a nice compliment to Marvin Harrison and become a reliable target for Peyton Manning over the years.  As we all know, Manning had season ending neck surgery prior to the 2011 season. 

The Colts were left with little option, little quarterback talent and little chance of having a good season.  The 2011 season became the "suck for Luck" year and without even trying to do so intentionally, they did suck and were able to take Stanford's Andrew Luck, the highly anticipated next coming of John Elway, with their first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. 

Although Luck had been predicted to have a decent season, nothing was really expected in regards to a winning season his first year out.  Reggie Wayne, one of the most talented receivers in the game was rarely mentioned in NFL circles or in Fantasy Football analysis as one of the top receivers in the game. Luck has become dependent on the veteran Wayne and entering week 10, Wayne is the top Wide Receiver in the NFL, ranking 2nd in receptions with 61, 1st in YPG at 104.4 and 1st in overall receiving yards at 835.  Wayne has scored 3 touchdowns and has easily helped Andrew Luck's rookie season become a straight up success!

Peyton Manning, QB - Denver Broncos

As previously mentioned, Peyton Manning had season ending neck surgery in 2011 and was told he may never play football again.  Not taking any chances, the Colts unloaded Manning and prepared to start their future with Andrew Luck. 

Manning kept telling us over and over again that he would be back, he would be fine.  Many NFL teams were willing to take the chance that the Colts were no longer willing to take and started courting Manning. Many felt that Manning would end up in Miami or Tennessee, instead, Manning went to the Denver Broncos and put a stop to the Tebow train that was on the track to nowhere fast.

There were more doubters than believers before he took a snap, but Manning knocked the cobwebs off fast and has become the top QB in the NFL; through week 9, Manning is leading all quarterbacks with a 108.6 passer rating, he is 1st in completion percentage at 69.5%, 3rd in TD passes with 20 and 4th in passing yards with 2,404. 

Manning is unreal, he has had to come from behind about every single game to either win or come very close and has put the Denver Broncos in serious playoff contention.  Manning has become a nice surprise and having him back in the NFL is priceless for the game itself as his mad skills were certainly missed last year, 2011 wasn't the same without Peyton Manning in it.  Welcome back!

Adrian Peterson, RB - Minnesota Vikings

If someone told you in July that Adrian Peterson would be the top running back in the NFL through week 9, more than likely you would think that person had a few hits off the crazy bong. Heading into week 10, that is exactly what Peterson is; the top Running Back.  

This is a guy who tore his ACL and his MCL last December. The recovery time is normally a year or more and the chances at a full recovery are low.  Peterson promised he would be back on the field for the first game of the season and he was. 

There is a newfound respect for this man who has fought hard to get back on the field and play; not only has he played, he has beat all odds and has proven to everyone, he is a freak of nature!  Peterson currently stands as follows:  1st in rushing yards with 957, 1st in average rushing yards per game at 106.3 and he is 3rd in rushing touchdowns with 6.  

Not only did Adrian Peterson get back on the field with hard work, he also got back on the field with a strong heart and mind.  Peterson is the biggest surprise so far this season and has stunned everyone in the sports world with what he has overcome and accomplished.