For those of us who count down the minutes to the NFL season and who start to prepare for our fantasy football draft around Memorial Day; we all know what the big names and easy picks are by the time training camp opens.  We go over it and over it until our eyes are blurred, we watch every fantasy football show we can and the amount of mock drafts we do border on obsession.  

We know the no brainer picks and we know who we want; we also know that some of these picks will end up being a bust, but there is no way to know who it will be.

What I have composed here is a list of the top 5 BUSTS thus far in this young season.  These are the players that so far… are so bad.

Arian Foster, RB – Houston Texans: Foster was an easy number 2 pick on everyone’s list early on and then the mild injuries started to happen in camp.  Foster never played a snap in the pre-season, yet everyone refused to give up on this guy.  

Ben Tate who is Foster’s back up, is in a contract season and made it publically known; he was going to have the best year he could.  What has happened to start out the season was more Tate and less Foster, who was visibly upset about this on the sidelines.    

Foster managed average stats for a running back in the first 3 weeks of the season, but he was getting less carries than he has ever had before.  After week 3, Foster was ranked 18th in the running back position; a far cry from 2nd or 3rd.  Tate has averaged 4.5 yards after contact compared to Foster’s 3.9 yards.  Foster has since rebounded and carried the ball 27 times against the Texans overtime loss against the Seahawks.  Don’t give up on Foster just yet, but we all need to admit, he has been a bust so far this year and has a lot of ground to make up to prove me wrong.


CJ Spiller, RB – Buffalo Bills: CJ Spiller was a top 10 running back going into training camp, then,  an interview with Bills offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett where he stated “We are going to give him (Spiller) the ball until he throws up”; skyrocketed Spiller into top 3 territory, some even stating he could go #2 behind Peterson.    

Spiller was the new golden boy; fantasy owners were taking him early and felt very good about it, like it was their own rebellious move against the norm.  So far, what Spiller has done is; absolutely nothing!  Zilch, nada, zero.

Injuries and lackluster performance have frustrated these fantasy owners that took that chance and drafted him early.  As I write this, Spiller is questionable for Thursday’s game against Cleveland.  If Spiller can get healthy, maybe things can change.  For now, try and find another fool in your league and use Spiller as trade bait. 


Roddy White, WR – Atlanta Falcons: I don’t know many people that wouldn’t love to have Roddy White on their team.  So consistent, so talented and so productive, until now.  White injured his ankle in mid-August against the Ravens during a pre-season game.  Looking back on the notes regarding this injury, it was downplayed big time!  I can’t blame anyone for taking White and expecting big results.  

The injury was downplayed and when week 1 rolled around, many were shocked to hear he was a game time decision.  White did play in that game, but was very limited and was used as a decoy, this trend has continued since then.  Every week, the recommendations that have come out are that he will play and should be started, but every week, White has been limited to a handful of snaps and targets, he has done nothing that a 4th string receiver couldn’t do.   

Although White is showing signs of progression, he has wasted 4 weeks and will probably waste 3 or 4 more before he is full speed.  At this point, he should be back healthy after the Falcons bye week in week 6, but by the time he comes back, fantasy leagues have crossed over the halfway point.  Don’t drop him if you have him, but you can’t count on anything from him until you actually see it.  So far it feels like Lucy is pulling the football away from Charlie Brown at the last second.  Don’t be a Charlie.


Aaron Rodgers, QB – Green Bay Packers: The number one quarterback on everyone’s list (but mine) has brought a massive stack of hindrance and torment to fantasy owners that cheered on draft day when they probably got him as a steal in the 2nd round.   

Rodgers has failed to live up to all the expectations and glory that has been bestowed upon him by everyone who has been hypnotized by his composure and talent.  Let’s face it, NFL commentators like Aikman, Gruden and Collinsworth just salivate as they talk about how he is the greatest QB that has ever dawned a football uniform; what this has done for me is make me ill the past few years. 

Yes, Rodgers is great, but he isn’t the best QB in the league and everyone is finding out that his receivers are the ones who have made him who he is today.  Rodgers has looked uncertain and rattled in his first 3 games with inconsistent receivers and no protection.  Granted, I will not say that Rodgers will be a failure because I think he is too good for that, but, Rodgers isn’t in the same category with Peyton Manning, Drew Brees or even Tom Brady this year and I don’t foresee him even coming close in 2013, maybe ever.  Rodgers is a bust from the standpoint of being coined the king of the hill in fantasy QB value.  It just isn’t there this year.


Vernon Davis, TE – San Francisco 49ers: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  Every single year, Davis is listed as a top five tight end in fantasy rankings and every year, something happens to him until the end of the season when he decides to show up; this year is no exception.  

Colin Kaepernick is the new face of the 49ers and Davis was a major benefactor, especially in the playoffs last season when Kaepernick became the starter.  This year, expectations for Kaepernick included expectations for Vernon Davis.  There are two major problems standing in the way here.  

First of all, Davis is now dealing with a hamstring injury and secondly, Kaepernick and Davis just don’t have any sort of chemistry going on yet.  The first game against Green Bay was a tease as Davis really showed up with 6 receptions and 2 TDs; since then, nothing.   

Davis needs to step up as a veteran and make things happen. Unless he does, it just becomes like every other year with Davis and the fantasy owner that gets burned again by inconsistent play and late year break outs that Davis is becoming famous for.  As far as fantasy football is concerned, Davis is one of the most over-rated players out there and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.