Matt RyanFantasy Football can be statistically misleading. Some players get a lot of pass attempts, rushes, or targets despite their individual performance or their team's standing.

These situations arise when their team lacks depth at their position (no competition) or the team's strategy directly or indirectly benefits that player.

Here are some statiscial anomolies so far in 2013 that might surprise you. 

1. Matt Ryan is No.3 in the NFL in passing yards. The Falcons are 1-4 but this hasn't stopped Ryan's pass proficiency. Expect these numbers to decline following Julio Jones's injury. 

2. Baltimore WR Torrey Smith is ranked No. 3 in the NFL in receiving yards. There's no doubting Smith's abilities but for him to be ranked this high is unusual. You can attribute this to key offensive line losses- causing the Ravens to run less, a diminished run game, and the loss of Anquan Boldin in free agency to explain why Smith's productivity has increased.

3. Denver kicker Matt Prater is leading the NFL in scoring at 56 points! Some might think that being the kicker on the Denver Broncos could be a bad thing based on Peyton Manning's red zone proficiency. However, despite only kicking 9 field goals so far this season, Prater has made 29 extra points! Not a bad way to become the No. 1 ranked kicker in scoring. 

4. Kick Return Shocker: Minnesota's Cordarrelle Patterson has nearly twice as many kickoff return yards than Trindon Holliday and has a touchdown return to match. It should be noted, however, that Holliday catches up to him in overall kick return yardage due to Holliday's punt return stats; where as Patterson does not return punts. 

5. Buffalo defense/special teams is ranked No. 3 in sacks, No. 1 in interceptions (9), and No. 1 in tackles at 402. This defense could be a great pick up if your other defense is on a bye or is playing Denver ;)