Sharrif FloydNFL Team: Minnesota Vikings

Pick No: 23

Player Name: Sharrif Floyd

Position: DT

School: Florida

Height/Weight: 6’ 3", 297

The Vitals: Floyd was projected as early as third overall by quite a few experts.

When he fell all the way to 23rd, the Vikings did very well to scoop him up. He finds his way to the ball on every play with his speed and a ton of strength. During his time at Florida he didn’t have a lot of amazing stats, but there was never a lack of effort.

A better pick would have been: No one. Honestly this pick was perfect for the Vikings. I was surprised that so many teams passed on Floyd.

The Vikings could have possibly looked to a guy like Manti Te'o that would have filled a more prominent need, but its really hard to argue with a guy like Floyd this late in the round. The Vikings also knew that they would get another shot at any other needs in two picks so it was hard to go wrong with this selection.

The Verdict: I loved this pick. Floyd should help a defense that has to go up against some of the best QBs in the league in the NFC North.

The Vikings had to have been very surprised when Floyd was still on the board this late in the Draft. While there was some varying opinion on him and his lack of statistical greatness, he was clearly the most talented player left.

Floyd will come in to Minnesota and start from day one. Without a super star quarterback and with the loss of Percy Harvin, the Vikings decided to focus on defense. I really love this pick.