The St. Louis Rams traded twice during the first round of the draft.  With Jeff Fisher and Les Snead at the helm, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.  Dropping to the 30th spot, the Rams decided to draft linebacker Alec Ogletree from Georgia.

The Rams have a great linebacker in James Laurinaitis, but he can't do it all.  Ogletree does have a bit of a checkered past with arrests and suspensions, but Fisher knows how to turn those types of guys around.  Ogletree will even have a great mentor in last years second Rams pick Janoris Jenkins.  

The Rams already have a strong defense, but now it's even stronger.  Ogletree is 6'3 and 232 pounds, so he's bound to give his opponents a serious pounding.  In 2012 he had 15 tackles against Georgia tech in a single game.  However, it wasn't the only game against Georgia Tech where he had 15 tackles.  This proves that Ogletree really knows his opponents, and that's something the Rams really need if they're going to win the division.

He had a total of 111 tackles in 2012.  With the 49ers and Seahawks having picked up such high caliber free agents earlier in the year, the Rams are going to need a lean mean tackling machine.

In 2012 Ogletree was named one of the team's most valuable defensive players.  One of the most impressive things about Ogletree is that he made many tackling records during his college career.  Hopefully he'll set many records with the St. Louis Rams.   Ogletree will play inner linebacker as the Rams are set in the middle and outer linebacker positions.