Kenny VaccaroThe Vitals

NFL Team: New Orleans Saints

Pick No: 15

Player Name: Kenny Vaccaro

Position: Safety

School: Texas

Height/Weight: 6”, 214 pounds


How is the fit?

When you give up more yards than any other team in NFL history, drafting a defensive player is a no-brainer.

Vaccaro is a safety with solid coverage abilities with a knack for run support. His ability to cover tight ends should also prove beneficial. One knock on Vaccaro is that he isn't much of a ball hawk. In three years, he only intercepted five passes. Turnovers aside, but he should be an immediate contributor. 


A better pick here would have been…

As bad as the secondary was last season, the linebackers were worse. Jarvis Jones was available and may have filled a bigger need. Jones has a fairly long injury history, which may have been a red flag.


The verdict:

Vaccaro is a good pick, but probably not one that will vault the team to the top of the NFL’s defensive heap.

The Saints' defensive woes can't be solved with one pick, but Vaccaro will help. He's a overage guy as well as a run stuffer. He’s been compared to Troy Polamalu because of his hard hitting ability, but the lack of turnovers created in college suggests that may be an overstatement.

Vaccaro’s selection could spell the end for Malcolm Jenkins or Roman Harper. Neither player did anything noteworthy during last year’s campaign. If Vaccaro can manage to take away targets in the middle of the field, the Saints will consider this pick to a home run.