Chance WarmackIt was a 1st round for the big boys, and Chance Warmack looks to be a good fit for Tennessee.

The OG played for Alabama and played well for them since his freshmen year. He is a big guy, coming in at 6'2" and 317 pounds; he should fit in well with the Titans.

He was a top National recruit when he came out of Westlake High School in Atlanta. He can also add a second team All SEC team selection in 2011 to his resume.

Warmack looks to be a good value for the team.

He went as the 10th overall pick. He is good at his job. He doesn't have the blinding speed, but he does seem to be technically sound and good at picking up his assignments.

He wins more of his battles with the defensive linemen than he loses, and with some polishing and effort, he will be a beast for Tennessee. I am fairly impressed with Warmack so far, and of course the NFL is the big stage and we will have to see how he works out on it.

If there is a knock to him, it is his speed. At times he will stand straight up, and Alabama didn't use him to pull very much.

I think the Titans can utilize him, and get him to work on some of his fundamentals and he will be a long time player for the team. I'm looking forward to seeing him on the field in Tennessee.

Overall Draft Grade: B