John Jenkins DT John Jenkins (Georgia) - Let's start with his 351-pound frame at 6'3" that can attack in a 4-3 system or plug up the hole in a 3-4.

Jenkins had 50 tackles in his 2012 season, but it's the fact that he can tip passes with agility in that big body.

He's made for an NFL team with good linebackers because you have to double Jenkins.

DT Shariff Floyd (Florida) - This 6'3", 303-pound defensive tackle had to go against running attacks like LSU, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Floyd managed to get 19 solo tackles, while he helped the Gators stay in the top five in rush defense. Floyd had to adjust in his last college season from a defensive end to a defensive tackle. Shariff Floyd bottles up the middle to shut down the run, while putting pressure on quarterbacks.

DE Alex Okafor (Texas) - At 6'4 260 pounds, Alex Okafor looks like a perfect candidate for defensive end in the NFL. His size is one thing going for him, he averaged five tackles, one sack per game in his last season. Okafor will be the best defensive player in the Draft at collapsing the quarterback's pocket

DE Bjoern Werner (FSU) - This 6'4", 255-pound end had many tackles like the others, but he comes off his blocks to tip passes and cause pressure better than the rest. Werner will work best in a 4-3 NFL defense because of his alertness and vision of the field.

ILB Jon Bostic (Florida) - Wow! Big surprise that Manti Te'o is not the choice. Bostic played against more physical and faster offenses than Te'o. Bostic is the best linebacker for plugging up the middle against big strong running backs, while being able to pass cover running backs like Knowshon Moreno in the NFL.

OLBs Alec Ogletree and Jarvis Jones (Georgia) -  Ogletree's speed makes him the better out of the two. Ogletree has much experience at covering anybody because he used to be a safety, plus he can play great special teams. Ogletree returned a blocked field goal for 55 yards against Alabama in the SEC Championship Game. He would be great against all those duel-threat quarterbacks in the NFL, like Colin Kaepernick.

Jones has closing speed within the box to keep running backs contained. Jarvis Jones had 85 tackles with 14.5 sacks, but it's the double teams that he creates that helps his teammates become better as a defense. Jones is almost like an old-time rover back that can laterally cover the field against any offense.

CB Dee Milliner (Alabama) -  Pass defense was the one weakness for Alabama, but Dee Mililner took care of his end of the field. Millilner had three INTs with a shutdown type of speed. The NFL will love him most for his ability to close the field up. He can turn the direction that the play is going back inside.

CB Xavier Rhodes (FSU) -  Rhodes is a very physical corner back with a 210-pound plus frame. He will be a great corner in the first five yards because of his point of attack ability. Rhodes had 82 tackles between his last two seasons, plus can beat you on the corner blitz. The NFL loves corner backs who can tackle.

S Bacarri Rambo (Georgia) - If Rambo can stay away from trouble, he could be a great physical safety in the NFL. Rambo had 73 tackles with three INTs, even though he missed four games because of off the field violations. His 218 lb. frame puts big hits on wide receivers.

S Matt Elam (Florida) - Elam doesn't over run the play, but likes to put the big hit on backs and receivers. With 11 tackles for losses, he likes to move up for the run. Elam is the best all around defensive back in the Draft - coverage, blitzing, tackling, and containment.


Sweetheart's Draft,  

The designated Mac Daddy Player of the night sends a scout to the bar to get a draft beer. If the scout returns to the V.I.P section with the wrong draft, the scout and the chosen draft will be benched for the night.

Benched players are treated like water boys until further notice. No benched players in the Champagne Room. However, if the scout returns with a premium draft, the scout and player are treated like royalty. Red carpet, velvet ropes and the cover of Football Nation Magazine. The only thing they'll need is an accountant for their accountant.

At the end of Sweetheart's season, the MVPs will be promised prime time slots on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3-ESPN27, have an HBO special and be featured on MTV Cribs Football Edition. These players will live it up and everything they do from this point on will be documented, watched, read, copied and saved on every outlet of social media.

Taking out the trash behind Granny's house on Christmas Eve? Everyone will know before you can tweet about your new Range Rover. Please don't let this rain on your parade. The bright side is, when you retire due to massive head trauma, you'll have these media outlets to remind you of what you once accomplished.

First Draft Fun Facts:

  • First Draft took place at the Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia Feb 8, 1936
  • First player ever selected in the Draft was Jay Berwanger
  • Had NO media coverage!