Over a week ago my wife and I were watching the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to the Oakland Raiders. During the action the camera cut to the sideline and a shot of the dejected Steelers' Head Coach Mike Tomlin.

"He looks just like Omar Epps," my wife said. I sigh as I agree with her and remind her I have been telling her that for a while now. Finally, at that moment, with that camera angle, she sees what I have seen for several NFL seasons.

If they ever make a movie of Tomlin's life, Epps has to play the title character. Best known for portraying a brilliant, younger doctor on the Fox drama House, Epps looks like he could be Tomlin's twin.

That got me to thinking about what other NFL personalities have celebrity lookalikes.

When the movie of Denver Broncos Head Coach John Fox is made, there's a celebrity to play him as well. Not a Hollywood celebrity, though, but a political one. With a little movie makeup, Vice President Joe Biden could be a dead ringer for Fox. They both have big smiles and that crown of white hair.

Biden will just have to master Fox's trademark, nervously chomping on gum as he paces up and down the field.

The two coaches were obvious and their celebrity comparisons came to me fairly quickly. It took me a few days before a third lookalike came to mind.

While watching the NFL Network, I was listening to NFL AM Analyst Charley Casserly dissect team defenses. And it hit me. Casserly, a former NFL General Manager, looks like Fox News Commentator Mort Kondracke. The two older gentlemen share the same hair color and glasses. And they sound alike, too.

If Tomlin, Fox and Casserly ever lose their football careers, it is possible they may have a backup plan as celebrity impersonators. It is also possible I have too much time on my hands.