Victor Cruz had a breakout year posting 1,536 yards, and helping the Giants win the Super Bowl. Cruz caught Eli Manning’s lone touchdown pass of the Super Bowl. What is truly amazing about Cruz is that he wasn’t named the starter until week four.
When the season began Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham were the Giants' No. 1 and 2 receivers. Manningham went down with an injury and Cruz filled in during the Giants Eagles game. Cruz was matched up vs. the highly sought after Nnamdi Asomugha. Cruz embarrassed Asomugha, racking up 110 yards and two touchdowns. Cruz was later named the starter over Manningham.
Cruz is set to make fewer than one million dollars for the 2012 season. Cruz has already said he has out-played his contract and I would agree. The Giants need to sign Cruz before the season begins, there is no way we can let him hit free agency after next year. Reese would be wise to explain to him that after one year you’re not going to get an insane contract, but as a sign of good faith offer him a nice four year 15 million dollar deal. I would also load his deal with incentives so he could earn more money. This will depend upon his agent but the Giants have him under contract now, if he plays hard ball he will be playing for next to nothing in 2012.
Cruz has already promised Giants fans he will not hold out. I think if we make him play for pennies though then him and his agent will hold all the cards the following year. Right now Management has the upper hand so this is the time to get a deal done. If Cruz doesn’t accept out offer we could still franchise him in 2013 so that would be two more years of playing time in New York.
I like to see the "good guys" win in sports, and Cruz fits that mold.  I'd like to see him get the deal deserves. PAY THE MAN! Lock him up long term!  You can never have to many good guys on the team. With the entire spoiled little brat players today, it’s great to see a guy come from nothing to greatness. 
Cruz will see more double teams and safeties dropping in over him in 2012 but I still project him to clear 1,000+ yards. I think regardless of agent, Cruz knows Reese gave him his chance to play, and he won’t want to leave NY or try to take us for all our cap space. 

If I hit on anything he is a good guy, and I think Reese locks him up long term, after all Reese was the only one who seen something in this undrafted free agent. Reese you know how to pick 'em, let’s get to defending our title as world champs!
Honorable Mention

JPP Jason Pierre Paul: Paul had an amazing breakout campaign last fall as well. So how did I decide between these two? Paul was a first round selection so the fans expected him to play well when he got his chance.  Paul did overly achieve last season, but again Cruz was my selection for breakout player of the year. 
Feel free to leave me a comment on who you think should have been the break out player of the year.