Wembley The World of NFL is a different one to that of 10 years ago, it will be a totally different one in another 10 years.

Commissioner Roger Goodell recently announced that proposals for playoff changes were back on the agenda with the competition commision.

So what? It can only be a good move if the NFL are actively seeking to provide extra competition in the postseason.

A step forward in the re-shaping of the current format will ultimately lead to an expansion in the NFL. The NFL would not consider promoting its brand in Europe if it didn't believe there was scope to do so. There is potential for two further franchises, one in LA and one in London.

The LA franchise makes total sense, it is no secret that a solution for a new stadium is being actively sought. The London franchise is a "marmite" situation, you either love it or hate it. 

Since the early 1980s, the NFL has become very popular in Great Britain and Ireland. Wembley has just hosted the 8th International series and Penn State Nittany Lions will play in Ireland next year.

Arguments against a London franchise are many and don't carry much weight. Logistics - The NFL is a professional organization, moving a football team to Wembley on a permanent basis or as a visiting side is not rocket science. It was done in an analogue age with no cell phones or internet.

The argument of "I am die hard Patriots fan" does not sit well either. Spectators go to watch NFL because they love the sport, the pre-match build up and the social activities that make up the gameday experience. I am 100 percent sure that if the "British Bulldogs" were formed on 01 July 14 with a Teddy Bridgewater or a Marcus Mariota as their franchise QB, the NFL jerseys would be flying off the shelves faster than a wide receiver running into the end zone.

Recently two newspapers, the Mail and the Metro ran a story about Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs are looking to build a new 60,000 plus seater stadium that could incoperate an NFL franchise. The soccer team has made noises for some time now that it wants to move or redevelop Whitehart Lane.

There will always be resistance to change. For now we sit and wait to find out what develops beyond the three International series games in 2014. One thing is for sure, there are more exciting times ahead for the NFL.