matt ryanLast week 6-10 (Ouch!).  Overall record: 28-20.


Byes: Green Bay Packers (1-2), Carolina Panthers (1-2).


San Francisco 49ers (1-2) @ St. Louis Rams (1-2)  (TNF)

The struggling 49ers will be without star linebacker Patrick Willis and possibly tight end Vernon Davis as well, which won't help them in their quest to get back to 49er football. The Rams won week 1 but their defense hasn't looked sharp at all, and they only managed to score 7 points against the Dallas Cowboys.

Sam Bradford totals 210 yards and 2 scores for the Rams. Frank Gore rushes for 103 yards and a touchdown and Colin Kaepernick throws for 2 touchdowns for the 49ers resulting in, 49ers 24 Rams 20.

Baltimore Ravens (2-1) @ Buffalo Bills (1-2)

Baltimore has bounced back very nicely since their week 1 blowout to the Broncos, winning each of their last two games. But the problem is that both of those wins came at home and they have yet to show the ability to consistently win on the road. The Bills, despite being a pleasant surprise, have just a 1-2 record, with the lone win coming at home.

C.J. Spiller explodes for 130 yards and a touchdown for the Bills. The Ravens running game combines to rush for 165 yards and 2 scores and Joe Flacco adds another score resulting in, Ravens 31 Bills 23.

Arizona Cardinals (1-2) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3)

Neither one of these teams has quite met expectations up to this point, the Bucs especially. Through 3 games Tampa Bay has managed to score just 34 points, have a quarterback/head coach controversy , and lose to the Jets. The Cardinals will be without both of their starting outside linebackers for the rest of the season due to injuries.

Carson Palmer hooks up with Larry Fitzgerald for a score but also throws 3 picks for the Cardinals. Josh Freeman throws for 240 yards and 3 touchdowns resulting in, Buccaneers 25 Cardinals 17.

Pittsburgh Steelers (0-3) @ Minnesota Vikings (0-3)  (London)

Two teams driving on the wrong side of the road go to a place where they drive on the wrong side of the road to try to get back to the right side of the road. Both the Steelers and the Vikings have been extremely disappointing, but Minnesota in particular doesn't really have an excuse to be 0-3, since they don't have an abundance of injuries to blame it on.

Adrian Peterson runs for a season high 125 yards but Big Ben throws for 280 yards and 3 touchdowns resulting in, Steelers 28 Vikings 18.

New York Giants (0-3) @ Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)

To say that the Giants have been playing like trash would me a major understatement, they have been stunningly horrific. But as bad as the Giants have been, the Chiefs have been equally impressive, dominating teams en route to a 3-0 record.

I would like to think that the Giants have a shot at an upset here, but I just don't see it.

The Chiefs force 3 turnovers and Jamaal Charles runs for 145 yards and a score resulting in, Chiefs 23 Giants 13.

Indianapolis Colts (2-1) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3)

Indianapolis is coming off a very impressive win against the 49ers in San Francisco. Now they go home to face the horrendous Jaguars. There is no reason in the world why the Colts shouldn't beat a team that has a realistic shot at going 0-16, but this game could be closer than people expect.

Gabbert and MJD each score a touchdown but Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson combine for 4 scores resulting in, Colts 35 Jaguars 14.

Seattle Seahawks (3-0) @ Houston Texans (2-1)

Seattle faces its second tough test of the season as they go to Houston to take on J.J. Watt and the Texans. The Texans are coming a rough 30-9 loss to the Ravens and have yet to play at an elite level this season.

Russell Wilson throws for 210 yards and a touchdown but is outdueled by Matt Schaub, who throws for 240 yards and 2 scores resulting in, Texans 26 Seahawks 23.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) @ Cleveland Browns (1-2)

Both of these teams were very confusing last week. The Bengals committed 4 turnovers, but still beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. The Browns traded their top offensive weapon in Trent Richardson, but still beat Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.

The Bengals defense forces 4 turnovers and A.J. Green scores 2 touchdowns resulting in, Bengals 27 Browns 13.

Chicago Bears (3-0) @ Detroit Lions (2-1)

The top two teams of the NFC North square off in a matchup which will determine the leader of the division through week 4. Chicago is coming off a win against the banged-up Steelers while the Lions are coming off a victory against RGIII and the Redskins.

Cutler and Forte score a touchdown each for the Bears. Stafford throws for 320 yards and 3 scores resulting in, Lions 24 Bears 17.

New York Jets (2-1) @ Tennessee Titans (2-1)

Had you told me in the preseason that both the Jets and the Titans would enter week 4 with a 2-1 record, I would've thought you were crazy. But that is indeed the case. Both teams have been equally impressive defensively, while the Jets have surprised on the offensive side of the ball.

The Titans force 3 turnovers and Chris Johnson runs for 75 yards and a touchdown resulting in, Titans 21 Jets 16.

Washington Redskins (0-3) @ Oakland Raiders (1-2)

The Redskins secondary is off to the worst start in NFL history and are showing no signs of getting better. But Washington might be in luck, as Raiders starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor might miss the game with a concussion that he suffered late in the 4th quarter against the Broncos.

Oakland totals 400 yards of offense but RGIII throws for 280 yards and 3 scores resulting in, Redskins 30 Raiders 22.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) @ Denver Broncos (3-0)

For most teams, stopping Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense is nearly impossible, for the Eagles it is entirely impossible. Michael Vick and the Eagles offense might be able to keep up with Denver for part of the game but in the end the Broncos will pull away.

Vick totals 290 yards and 3 touchdowns but Peyton throws for 302 yards and 3 scores resulting in, Broncos 33 Eagles 24.

Dallas Cowboys (2-1) @ San Diego Chargers (1-2)

If the NFL only had 3 and a half quarters, the Chargers would probably be 3-0, but their inablity to close out games has really cost them. Dallas is coming off an impressive 31-7 win over the Rams, in which they looked solid on both sides of the ball.

Both Romo and Rivers throw for over 300 yards but Rivers also tosses 3 touchdown passes resulting in, Chargers 29 Cowboys 25.

New England Patriots (3-0) @ Atlanta Falcons (1-2)  (SNF)

One of the advantages of playing the Bills, Jets, and Bucs is that you get to be 3-0 without playing great football. But not the Patriots face a struggling "elite" team in the Falcons with the possibility of star tight end Rob Gronkowski returning.

Brady throws for 310 yards and 3 touchdowns but Matty Ice throwns a late 4th quarter touchdown resulting in, Falcons 28 Patriots 24.

Miami Dolphins (3-0) @ New Orleans Saints (3-0)  (MNF)

Both teams are undefeated but the Saints have yet to play their best football. New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees hasn't been as sharp as he had been in recent years, but that won't last for much longer.

Brees throws for 345 yards and 2 touchdowns resulting in, Saints 23 Dolphins 19.


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