In week 16, the New York Jets played the Cleveland Browns with no playoff implications.  Both teams are mathematically out of the playoffs.  Did anyone tell that to rookie quarterback Geno Smith and the Jets?

Here are five things we learned at the end of the game:

Josh Gordon is human

Gordon has been racking up incredible statistics after his return from suspension.  This week he didn't disappoint fantasy owners, but his awe-inspiring performance was slowed slightly. 

Gordon finished the game under 100 yards.  His final numbers were 97 yards on six receptions.  He was also kept out of the end zone. 

That's impressive for a weak secondary. 

Dee Milliner sighting

Milliner is alive and well.  Milliner lead all Jets' defensive players with eight solo tackles.  He also had one assisted tackle.  And what is most impressive?  He also added one interception.  It has taken 16 games but Milliner appears to be getting comfortable with his position.

Chris Ivory sighting

We were starting to worry that the only teams Ivory got up for were teams that let him go.  Apparently, that is not the case.  Ivory finished the game with 109 yards on 20 carries.  He averaged 5.5 yards a carry.  Those are the kind of stats for which he was acquired.

Rex Ryan still has some fire in him

Ryan showed a little spunk when he felt quarterback Geno Smith was the recipient of a late hit.  He jumped, he yelled and eventually he got his way. 

Some say those are the actions of a petulant child.  I say those are the actions of a coach who cares about his players.

O Geno!

Most impressive lesson we learned?  Rookie qquarterback Geno Smith refuses to be typecast.  Just when we think he has all the characteristics of a rookie quarterback, he steps it up. 

Sunday Smith had 214 passing yards with two touchdowns.  He also had no interceptions.  And to serve further notice, Smith rushed 10 times for 48 yards and one rushing touchdown.

Oh Geno!

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