So what qualifies as a team in a rebuilding season?

Well, The Dolphins have added more firepower, but lost some big names in the process, like Jake Long and Reggie Bush.

Over in New England, Tom Brady is still the best, but he has less to work with now that one of his favorite targets, No. 81, won't be finding his way to an NFL field again.

In Buffalo, the Bills are trying to decide whether they want to go with a veteran quarterback in Kevin Kolb, or go with the first quarterback selected in the 2013 Draft, E.J. Manuel. 

Did someone say quarterback controversy? In New York longtime Jets signal-caller Mark Sanchez finds himself knee-deep in a battle for his job with one of the more controversial players of the 2013 Draft, Geno Smith. If that's not enough, they also lost half of their defense including Mr. Darrelle Revis himself.

With that, it would appear the entire AFC East is in a rebuilding year. However, after you see these predictions -- you might have second thoughts.