Hope springs eternal with the dawning of a new NFL season on the horizon. We use our imaginations in concocting the perfect storm scenario that will place our team on the world's greatest stage, the NFL Super Bowl.

But considering only 2 of 32 teams make it, the calculated odds are a mere 6.25 percent.

Assuming for the moment that your team doesn't make it to the big dance, what would be your most desirable matchup otherwise? 

My top matchups are gauged toward the league's most important and exciting position - quarterback.

The game's evolution - dictated by rule changes favoring a passing game - has created a situation where it is near impossible to win a championship without top quarterback play. So much so that I am listing the matchups by quarterbacks. 

1) P. Manning vs. Rodgers        (Broncos vs Packers)

2) P. Manning vs. E. Manning        (Broncos vs Giants)

3) Brady vs. Brees                  (Patriots vs Saints)

4) Brady vs. Rodgers             (Patriots vs Packers)

5) Tebow vs. Alex Smith        (Jets vs 49ers)

O.K., I know No. 5 is a liittle more than controversial. But who wouldn't want to see Tim Tebow starting at quarterback for Rex Ryan's Jets in the Super Bowl? Love him or hate him, we'd be spellbound. And San Francisco is a great football team with a quarterback who might allow Tebow to keep his team in the game. I just can't picture Rodgers or Brees presenting that same opportunity. 

Who would you like to see?