NFL 2011: Worst Decisions of the Year

By Jennifer Trosclair
February 10, 2012 2:46 pm
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In the NFL, most of the credit goes to players when things are going smooth. But when decisions are made that could doom franchises, fans turn their anger upon the men in the front office.  Every year, general managers and head coaches from each team make decisions that they will boast about in future years as well as some they would prefer to forget.

Here are some of the worst decisions made during the 2011 NFL Season:

Vikings Choose Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb went to his third team in three years – and quite possibly his last.

Uncomfortable handing the keys to first-round pick Christian Ponder due to a lack of minicamps and team workouts, Minnesota Head Coach Leslie Frazier had his eye on one of the NFL’s most celebrated quarterback in the past decade. 

The Vikings paid $5 million for an insurance policy named McNabb.

Frazier’s decision quickly set the team in a downward spiral, landing the Vikings dead last in the NFC North.  After only throwing a measly four touchdowns in six games, McNabb was released in early December, placing him on waivers.

It may be time for McNabb to make the move into the broadcast booth.

Falcons’ Fourth-Down Gamble in Overtime Against Saints

After his Atlanta Falcons recovered from a 10-point deficit during their November 13th game with the New Orleans Saints, Head Coach Mike Smith's club headed into overtime with the ball first.

With 10:52 remaining, Atlanta was facing 4th-and-inches at their own 29.  Smith risked scrutiny and went for it rather than punting.  His fourth-down gamble failed.

The Falcons did not get the first down and the Saints went on to kick their game-winning field goal.

Andy Reid Hiring Juan Castillo as Defensive Coordinator

With the Philadelphia Eagles’ firing of defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, Head Coach Andy Reid was searching for someone to fill that slot.  In an unconventional move, Reid chose Juan Castillo.  Castillo has been a member of the Philadelphia Eagles' coaching staff since 1995. From 1998 to 2010, he served as the club's offensive line coach.

More notable is the fact that Castillo had not coached that side of football since his run at Kingsville High School in 1989.

Hiring Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator was not Andy Reid’s defining moment as a head coach.


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3 years ago
Haha, coach Ken's quote was hilarious. Good read!
3 years ago
I seriously doubt that the Colts are going to pay out that money. Irsay would have squashed all this talk about other destinations for him a long time ago if they intended to keep Manning.

Personally, I would be surprised if Peyton Manning doesn't end up retiring.
3 years ago
The Donovan McNabb signing seems so long ago, I almost forgot he even played a few games for Minny. What a joke. Get out that Syracuse degree Donovan, it's time to get a job in TV.
3 years ago

Donovan did some work on the NFL Network, I think it was after the divisional games. Didn't do too badly which is good for him because you're right, he's at the end.
3 years ago
Garrett didn't "Ice his own kicker"... early on (week 2 San Fran game) Bailey missed his only kick before making 26 straight, the reason he missed is because the play clock was dangerously low and the operation was rushed. Fast forward to the Arizona game, same situation play clock running low ... the last time Bailey missed was a rushed operation so Garrett called a timeout so it wasn't rushed, he didn't ice anyone.
3 years ago

which nfl team are you head coach of?

i thought so.

perhaps you should tell that to the Cardinals' head coach.....he would disagree with you as well.
3 years ago

What I have posted is indeed factual information.



-A thing that is indisputably the case.

-Information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article.
3 years ago
Early in the season it did look like Castillo was a bad move for Philly, but, considering the defense finished 8th, it seems like it worked out.
As for icing your own kicker, if Garrett lost a regular season game by icing his kicker, then John Harbaugh lost the Championship Game by not icing his kicker--that would have to be the more costly blunder, right?
3 years ago

great point (John Harbaugh comment), jason.

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