NFC West's 10 Most Indispensable Players

By Gladys Louise Tyler
July 02, 2014 7:10 am
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The NFC West is without question the biggest, baddest division top to bottom.  It is known for its Super Bowl Champion.  It is feared for its bruising defenses.  This is the division that makes defenses sexy, and offenses a second thought, sorry Kaepernick.

Is it any wonder that the most indispensable players are on the defensive side of the ball? 

The contracts have been signed.  And for once it may not be all about the money, well not completely.  To be indispensible these players are vital even when their stats aren't the most impressive on the team.  They lead, they swag and in the end, their teams would be a little bit worse without them.

Without further ado here are the 10 most indispensible players of the NFC West.

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2 weeks ago
Gladys-you missed the MOST indispensable player-Russell Wilson. Peyton Manning definitely had the best Reg. season of any QB, but Wilson had the best YEAR of any QB.
2 weeks ago

Manning definitely played good enough in the Reg. season to help his team win enough games to qualify for the playoffs, but his main goal was to play good enough to help his team win it all. He failed to do that, but Wilson was the only QB to accomplish that goal last year.
2 weeks ago

I would argue Wilson's defense accomplished that goal. Safety first score of the game? Earl Thomas blowing up Demaryius Thomas to set the tone of the game? Percy Harvin scoring on a return? I would argue it wasn't Wilson but the defense that was indispensable.
Thanks Bob
2 weeks ago

Are you saying that the Seahawks would not have won without Wilson? Because I cannot agree to that!
13 days ago

That is exactly what I am saying. NO DEFENSE is good enough to win it all if their QB is not getting it done in the playoffs. In 2000 the Ravens D had 3 games (in the Reg. season) where they gave up 10 points or less AND LOST. If your QB isn't getting it done with the offense you will not win a majority of the time.
13 days ago

It takes a well rounded TEAM to win it all a majority of the time. Seattle got a little lucky in the S.B. when their opposing QB had somewhat of a meltdown and didn't play very good at all. But you can't always count on that happening.
13 days ago

I'm with you, Bob. I don't think Seattle would have won it all with Tarvaris Jackson, and he was their backup QB.
13 days ago
Do you agree with me that Wilson had the best year of any QB?
13 days ago

Well, he was the only QB to reach "The Pinnacle of His Profession" last year.
13 days ago
Can a good defense win it all without help from their offense-Gladys you should ask Bob how his Dolphins made out in '83 and '98 with the No. 1 Defernse in Least Points Allowed and having a Pro Bowl QB in Dan Marino. They went 1-2 in the playoffs and Marino stunk it up in the 2 losses. No, a good defense doesn't guarantee a team any amount of success in the playoffs if their QB stinks it up.
13 days ago

Bill-that's a good point. Having a good D should help your QB to play better, and it did for Trent Dilfer, Joe Flacco, and Wilson. But not for my guy (Marino). I still think Dan was playoff challenged.
13 days ago

just to compare the above guys-Flacco had 11 TD's, 0 INT's, and an avg. Passer Rating of 118. Wilson had 3 TD's, 0 INT's, avg. Rating of 98.4, and he led his O to an avg. of 24 p.p.g. Dilfer had 3 TD's and 1 INT., Rating of 85.2, and he led his O to 17 p.p.g., while Marino had 3 TD's and 5 INT's, Rating of 75.9, and he led our O to 16 p.p.g.
13 days ago

Okay not saying that the Seahawks could have won with Tavaris Jackson (although not saying they wouldn't have) but I am saying that the reason the opposing quarterback had a meltdown was because of the Defense of the Seahawks. Come on! You know the Broncos agree look at the upgrades they made on their defense to keep up. A well rounded team is the optimum BUT without the defense and Marshawn Lynch, is there a win? Don't get me wrong, Wilson is good but he is not indispensable to that team. Maybe the fourth most indispensable player: defense, marshawn lynch, pete carroll and then Wilson! :p
13 days ago

After watching how Peyton torched the No. 1 D for Allowing the Fewest TD Passes in the Reg. Season (the Titans), it's hard to believe it was all the Seattle D and not Peyton's personal meltdown. Peyton had 4 TD passes against the Titans, and they only gave up 15 TD passes all year to lead the league.
12 days ago

Okay a little off topic...maybe? Wilson NOT the most indispensable player on the Seahawks that is all I am saying. That "D" criminal!
11 days ago

That is where we probably disagree the most. IMO, Seattle will have less wins if Wilson doesn't play this year than if any other player doesn't play this year. There was a study done on CHFF that showed that a "good" starting QB can add x amount of "extra" wins for a team. I think the number may have been 2-5, but I'm not sure.

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