Inside this edition of “Football Nation Today,” Alex breaks down the biggest stories across the NFL with kickoff two weeks ago:

1st Down:

Alex previews the NFC with Dave Holcomb, host of “The Monday Morning Huddle” podcast.  Alex and Dave talk about which teams are best equipped to win their divisions, and make deep runs in the playoffs.

Alex and Dave both agree the Giants will win the NFC East, and feel their pass defense will improve this season. 

Arguably the biggest question in the division is whether Robert Griffin III will be able to make the transition to be more of a traditional pocket-passer this season. How well Griffin adjusts to his potentially new style of play could determine the balance of the division as well.

The Falcons and Saints both project to be at the top of the NFC South, and will feature elite offenses.  Will the winner of the division come down to which team’s defense performs better, or will defense be irrelevant for both clubs in the regular season?

The NFC North was once known for its gritty, defensive minded play.  That narrative has changed over the past few years, especially because the Packers still have significant holes in their defense.  With the Packers defensive deficiencies and losses on offense, it could be the Vikings’ division for the taking.

The NFC West has morphed into the best division in football, with the 49ers and Seahawks at the top.  Alex and Dave talk about which team is better as we enter the season, and if the Rams could be this year’s sleeper team in the NFC.

2nd Down:

ESPN “Outside the Lines” came out with a potentially damning report last weekend about the NFL’s previous handling of concussions. 

Dr. Elliot Pellman, the former head of the concussion committee, was commissioner Paul Tagliabue’s personal physician while he was on the committee.  Alex talks about how this information could affect the pending lawsuit between the league and over 4,800 former players, and if Dr. Pellman is guilty of negligence in his handling of head injuries while he was the New York Jets’ team doctor. 

3rd Down:

In the “Big Up or Slow Dow” segment, Alex debates whether Von Miller’s six game suspension will hinder the Broncos’ playoff aspirations, if Mike Vick should be the Eagles starting QB and if Rob Gronkowski should be placed on the PUP list to open up the season.

4th Down:

In the “Reimer Rant,” Alex talks about the rash of injuries that players have suffered thus far in training camp, and why the NFL should lessen the preseason schedule.

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