NFC West Beat: Seattle is Cheating, but Does Goodell Care?

By Cooper Allen
September 25, 2012 11:22 pm
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There are a lot of things we could talk about in the NFC West this week. San Francisco lost to the Vikings and Arizona dominated the Philadelphia Eagles. In a regular week, these would be some of the top headlines.

Week 3, however, was not a regular week. One play of the Seattle Seahawks game against the Green Bay Packers has stolen the spotlight from the other three teams in the division.

It has been a very interesting week for these four teams, so let’s cut right to the chase. Here is your NFC West Week 3 recap.

Scores and Analysis

San Francisco 49ers 13, Minnesota Vikings 24

Say what you want about trap games or flukes, but the San Francisco 49ers were simply outplayed in this game. If they keep it close, then I could see it being considered a “fluke” game, but they lost big despite the referee admittedly giving them two extra challenges.

Alex Smith put on his best vintage Alex Smith performance, missing wide open receivers on several occasions. The play-calling was also horrendous. Frank Gore only had 12 carries in this game and Smith threw the ball 35 times.

I will give a lot of credit to Minnesota; they played quite well. That said, their quite well does not beat the 49ers quite well. Aside from a couple of individuals, San Francisco was awful this week.

St. Louis Rams 6, Chicago Bears 23

In the minds of many, Sam Bradford may have gone from the best to the worst quarterback in the NFC West division in just one week. After putting up big numbers against Washington, Bradford completed just over 50 percent of his passes and their offense failed to reach the end zone.

A lot of this can and will be attributed to the fact that Stephen Jackson is slowing down and the Rams have no protection or weapons, for that matter. St. Louis  has a lot of work to do this season. The defense is coming along, but there are a lot of players on the offense that need to step up.

It is almost sad to see up team put up such a great fight against Detroit, knock off the Redskins and then get embarrassed by Chicago.

Arizona Cardinals 27, Philadelphia Eagles 6

If there were two teams in need of a statement game, it would have been the Arizona Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams were sitting at 2-0, but had come off close and controversial wins.

This game proved that the Cardinals defense is one of the best in the league and that the Eagles are once again one of the most overrated teams in professional football. There are no excuses for Philadelphia at this point. They barely beat the 0-3 Browns, should not have beaten the Ravens and were killed by Arizona.

With the win, the Cards move into first place in the NFC West division and prove to the rest of the league that their win over New England was no fluke.

Seattle Seahawks 14, Green Bay Packers 12

There are a lot of mixed emotions as I am writing this article. Part of me just wants to laugh at the situation that the NFL has caused and the other part is disgusted. Growing up through sports, I was taught to never argue with an official, because it will get you nowhere. I never fully understood why that was until now.  

After watching sports, particularly baseball and football, over the past couple of years, I have come to realize that no matter how wrong something is, the people in charge are too arrogant, too political or just don’t care enough to make things right.

As someone who has umpired in the past, my partner(s) will tell me when I make a mistake and vice versa. The people in charge will address the mistakes that are made and make changes where necessary. In this case, problems get solved and few people are mad.

You can probably tell that the problems in the NFL have not been solved. This is because the NFL continues to stand behind the wrong calls. They acknowledge the fact that they are wrong, but do absolutely nothing about it.

Once you get to a bigger stage, you see guys like Roger Goodell running the show for themselves. They don’t care about the fans or the outcome of these football games, they care about the money. This is why the replacement refs are still out there and this is why nothing is done in terms of game changing calls like the one we saw this past Monday.

As for the actual game itself, the Seahawks defense looked great for the third week in a row. They have a lot of solid players and if Russell Wilson can continue to manage games, then we could see three NFC West teams in the playoffs.


Arizona: 3-0

San Francisco: 2-1

Seattle: 2-1*

St. Louis: 1-2

Fantasy Football

Studs: Larry Fitzgerald, Golden Tate

Duds: Beanie Wells, Stephen Jackson

What We Learned

The Arizona Cardinals are for real.

San Francisco is not the best team in football.

Some of the Seahawks players wear stripes.

St. Louis is a year away from being a playoff contender.

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3 years ago
St. Louis is AT LEAST a year away, especially now with the way that division is looking.
3 years ago

You're right, Wayne. That said, I think with a couple of additions to the offense this offseason, they are a team that will be tough to beat next year.
3 years ago
How, exactly, did Seattle cheat? How many bad calls have been made in the history of the NFL? Did all of the teams that benefited from said bad calls cheat and have you called them all out? Your headline is just bluster and you actually don't do anything to back it up. How about telling us how they cheated? If you have nothing, you need to change the headline.
3 years ago

There have been a lot of bad calls throughout history and no, not all teams have been called out for them.

That is because these bad calls are not repetitvely in their favor.

In the Green Bay game, Seattle received a number of calls they should not have got, including the final touchdown and a mysterious PI call on Sam Shields.

We can also go back to the Arizona game in Week 1 where Seattle was given an extra timeout and they were given an extra yard or two on pretty well every other play.

Then it is reported that the Hawks have ties to one of the referees from the Arizona game, hm..
3 years ago
It's still wrong to pin it on the Seahawks. If you think the refs have a "tie" to the team, blame the refs. The Seahawks don't schedule the refs and, unless you have some proof, they're not paying them off. I'd be interested to see where your allegiances are, because you clearly have an agenda. Pin the blame where it belongs, on the refs.
Again, to say the Seahawks cheated is wrong and not in the spirit of journalism.
3 years ago

It's not me "thinking" that they have ties and have paid them before. Nice try, though.
3 years ago
I think you need to learn a little critical thinking.
You still seem to want to put the blame on the Seahawks. Did they assign the ref? No. Did they call the NFL and say, "Hey Roger, can you give us so and so for all of our games?" Pretty sure that didn't happen.
Again, blame the NFL. Blame the ref. Don't blame the Seahawks because they did the same thing other teams have done - bring in a ref to "officiate" team practices. I know the Eagles have done it, I'm sure other teams have as well.
But, until the Seahawks actually start scheduling the refs for regular season games, you have no reason to say the Seahawks cheated.
You still haven't answered where your allegiances lie - clearly you have an agenda.
I'm not sure why you insist on blaming the Seahawks for the call Monday night, even more so after reading that article you posted. That ref wasn't even officiating the game on Monday.
Did the Seahawks pay off every ref? Or are you just a guy who thinks he's a journalist trying to score points with a headline and no facts to back it up? Yeah, I'm going to go with that. See, I can be smarmy as well.
Try again, and this time, think before you post.
3 years ago

The point of the headline was more or less that Goodell has done nothing about the referee situation. Do I have proof that Seattle is cheating? No, but you have to be insane or extremely biased to think that they are not being favored.

As for my allegiances, I'm a Cardinals fan. I did, however, bet on Seattle in Week 2 and 3 and have no issue with their players.
3 years ago
Them being favored is still not the same thing as them cheating.
Again, your headline is wrong and, perhaps just like the refs shouldn't be officiating a game that they have a bias or potential bias on (Seahawks, Saints, etc), you shouldn't be writing an article about it when you have an obvious bias. You're mad because a) the Seahawks are just a game back of your Cardinals; and b) You think they got an edge in the first game.
Which really is funny, now that I think about it. They must not be doing a very good job of paying off the refs if they still lost the game against your Cardinals.
I don't blame you, if I had to write an article about the NFC East, I'd talk about how the Cowboys cheat, the Redskins still stink and the Giants are pretty good but they'll never get as lucky as they did last year.
For the final time, your headline should read, "The Replacement Refs Suck And Are Ruining The Game, But Does Godell Care?"
3 years ago

I have no problem with the Seahawks being a game back of the Cardinals. A little illiterate or did you just choose to ignore what I said about betting on Seattle last week.

Go back and watch the Cards and Hawks game then try and say that Seattle didn't have an edge. The fourth timeout, the PI calls on Peterson and the ball-spotting on every other play was brutal.

Cheating (by definition): refers to an immoral way of achieving a goal. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain advantage in a competitive situation.

By definition, Seattle cheated.
3 years ago
Clearly I'm not illiterate, I was able to read your tripe. Do you insult all of the people who post or just the ones who punch holes in your argument that you then refuse to acknowledge?
Once again, and try to stick to this one point if you can, how did the Seahawks manage to get the ref they wanted in the Cardinals game, and still lose and how did the Seahawks cheat on Monday night? If you can't answer those simple questions honestly, you really need to just stop.
And, one more thing, although I hesitate to give you something else to talk about and once again miss the entire point, but betting on or against a team should have nothing to do with what team you root for and should have more to do with who you think will win and the spead. If you bet against a team because you don't like them, you'd be a complete idiot.
3 years ago

Refuse to acknowledge? Read a little harder, Scott. I've already said that I don't have proof that they are cheating and it is an opinion.
3 years ago
I agree w/ Scott Smith on all counts! You can't blame the Seahawks for bad calls. Innocent until proven guilty...unless you're some journalist-wannabe just looking for catchy headlines. Shame on you!
3 years ago

There is no blame being put anywhere. My opinion is that Seattle is cheating. I understand that it is not a popular one, and I will take my criticism/feedback and move on.
3 years ago
So, you have no proof, but post that anyway? I really hope you don't call yourself a journalist. Whatever Footballnation is paying you is too much.
Please don't bother responding. I finally got you to admit that you're just talking out your a$$ and you have no proof. I'll be sure not to read any more of your inane articles or waste any more of my time on this.
3 years ago
Real journalists report facts. Opinions belong in blogs. You should start one. There's probably a position waiting for you at Fox News. I'm done w/ you as well.
3 years ago

Find an article on football nation that does not have an opinion in it. Good luck.

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