The NFC North is home to some of the greatest fans in football, but every division has winners and losers so let's take a look at the fans for each team in the Black and Blue Division!

#4. Detroit Lions

Let's face it, until last year the fans in Detroit didn't really have a whole lot to cheer for at Ford Field. The team has been terrible for so long, it was simply amazing that anyone would even show up for a game. The Lions managed to avoid TV blackouts in 2011, but that wasn't the case in 2010. Detroit does have a strong base of diehard fans and they get credit for pushing as hard as they did to get rid of Millen, but in the NFC North they still come in last.


#3. Chicago Bears

Bears fans have had plenty of reasons to be fickle over the past few seasons, and they certainly have been that with the up and down performance of the Bears the last few years. Chicago has a lot of sports options, and fans are in love with the Bears when things are going well, but when the team is faltering there are always the Blackhawks or Bulls to follow and cheer for. Bears fans do tough it out for the late season home games with the cold wind blowing in from Lake Michigan, but they don't compare to the fanatics in the top two NFC North towns.


#2. Minnesota Vikings

The Purple have an insane fan base, including the only human mascot in the NFL Ragnar!  Vikings fans pushed hard this year to help convince the Minnesota State Legislature to approve funding for a new stadium, and they haven't had a blackout since 1997, the year before Randy Moss was selected in the draft. Considering that they have one of the worst stadiums in the league to experience a football game and they have continued to sell out every game for the past 15 years, the fan base has to get some credit.


#1. Green Bay Packers

Is there any doubt that the Cheeseheads are not only the greatest fans in football, but also the greatest fans in all of professional sports? Packer fans not only “own” their team but also give there all to support the Green and Gold. Granted, there isn't a lot else to do in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but the fans live for the Packers. They don't have cheerleaders, and they don't even have a mascot, but the fans show up in droves and even leave their season tickets to their kin in their wills. They've realistically never had a blackout, and it's a safe bet to say that they never will.