Minnesota Vikings


Offense: Adrian Peterson-Running Back

Day in and day out, every team has to game plan to stop or control Adrian Peterson from taking over a game. There is no one else on the offense that the defense is worried about. Adrian carries the team on his back and is one of the last workhorses in the NFL. Ask any coach, having to stack up the box every time or not having enough players in the box, worry coaches every night before playing Peterson. Before Arian Foster became a superstar in the NFL, there was really only one back I would want on my team. AP.


Defense: Jared Allen-Defensive End

If you thought the defense for Minnesota was horrible last year, imagine how horrible it would have been without Jared Allen. The Vikings still run a 4-3 defense and it is a very simple defense that comes down to one thing. Pressure. Jared Allen brought a lot of it last year with 22 sacks but it’s his consistency of double digits sacks for five years in a row that is impressive. At age 30, opposing offenses still have account for him and sometimes double team him. Without him, the defense wouldn’t go from mediocre to pathetic.

Green Bay Packers

Offense: Jordy Nelson-Wide Receiver

When Matt Flynn can come into the same offense and put up 6 touchdowns, that offense was either really good or the coach was coaching his butt off. Thus, this will surprise a lot of people but last year Aaron Rodgers had a lot of toys and this was one of them. Last year, Nelson put up 1263 yards, 15 touchdowns, and averaged almost 20 yards per catch. I am not taking away anything from Aaron Rodgers but it is fair to wonder if any quarterback could thrive in that system. Nelson is a difference maker because a lof of DB's under estimate him and he is a big target.

Defense: Desmond Bishop-Right Inside Linebacker

The Green Bay Packers went from a top 5 defense in 2010 to dead last in 2011. The pressure from Clay Matthews was not as good, the secondary was torched a lot, and overall it was a very sloppy team to watch on defense. The one single-handedly person who was solid and reliable was Desmond Bishop. 5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and over a 100 tackles were the lone bright spot of an ugly defense in 2011. Losing him would set back a defense that desperately needs to improve. 

Chicago Bears

Offense: Jay Cutler- Quarterback

The Chicago Bears have never had a real Quarterback that opposing defenses were scared of or one that can put the team on his back. Jay Cutler was doing that last season and was doing it well. After the Bears lost him due to a thumb injury on his throwing hand, the team went 8-8 after starting 7-3 at the beginning of the season. It was apparent that Cutler hid a lot of the Bears weaknesses and was the reason they were winning games. They can’t afford another season without him.

Defense: Brian Urlacher- Middle Linebacker

The defense relies on the pass rush and Julius Peppers but I can’t imagine it performing at a high level without the unquestioned leader Brian Urlacher. He knows where everyone on the defense has to be, he knows what the offense is going to run, and is the cornerstone of that defense. Without Urlacher, the defense takes a step back and looks lost. If the Bears were to lose Urlacher for the season, they would not be able to replace him or have another Mike Linebacker run the defense. There is a reason he is the face of the franchise.

Detroit Lions

Offense: Calvin Johnson- Wide Receiver

Matthew Stafford had a great year but everyone knows and is scared of one person on the Detroit Lions. Megatron. I remember the Cowboys game when 3 players were covering Johnson and he just jumped up and snagged the football away. Take Megatron away and the offense looks totally different. 96 receptions, 1681 yards receiving, and 16 total touchdowns in one season from one player. No fan, coach, or general manager would not want Calvin Johnson on their team. If that doesn’t fit the term “Indispensable” then I don’t know what will.


Defense: Ndamukong Suh- Defensive Tackle

Mean, tough, and dominant is what comes to mind when I watch Suh play. Watching Ndamukong Suh play is like watching football tape from the 70’s and 80’s. He has been one of the main cogs that have helped the Lion’s become a better ball club. Suh makes that defense play harder and at a higher level than anyone on his team. All he has to do is tone it down just a notch and play within the rules. Without Suh, the secondary would be worse than what it is because he provides the extra pressure up the middle.