Aaron Rodgers

With players like Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson. Aaron Rodgers, and Brandon Marshall in the division, the NFC North is sure to be very competitive.


Green Bay Packers- Overall Prediction: 12-4

Wins- Was, Det (2), Cle, Bal, Chi (2), Min, Dal, Phi, NYG, Pit

Losses- Cin, SF, Min, ATL

Green Bay has an amazing, talented offense, and has no shortage of talent on defense either.

Rodgers is in his prime and yes, he just recently lost his starting receiver Greg Jennings, but he didn't have him for quite a few games last year and he managed well. With Eddy Lacy coming into Green Bay, they might just have a running game this season. Don't expect to see them shy away from the pass though; Rodgers will throw for 40 TDs this season and win MVP in a season where 12-4, gets them a first round bye.

Detroit Lions- Overall Prediction: 6-10

Wins- Chi, Cle, TB, Pit, Phi, Min

Losses- Min, AZ, Was, Cin, GB (2), Dal, Chi, Bal, NYG

Detroit didn't really improve this offseason. In fact, I think they got worse. Losing Cliff Avril will impact them way more than people may think. Reggie Bush got signed, yeah, but what good is that gonna do when all they do is pass to Johnson?

They are in a division where offense means everything, and they don't have an offense that can keep up with Green Bay, or a Peterson-led Minnesota, or a Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, and Brandon Marshall-led Chicago team. Another season down the drain, and expect to say goodbye to Scwartz as well.

Minnesota Vikings- Overall Prediction: 8-8

Wins- Cle, Det, Pit, Chi (2),Car, GB, Phi

Losses- NYG, GB. Dal, Was, Sea, Bal, Det, Cin

I like Greg Jennings to the Vikings, and especially like what they did in the draft, but the Vikings have a pretty tough schedule and are again in an incredibly tough division.

Peterson will need to be a leader of this team, and expect Matt Cassell to be the starter by the end of the year. 8-8 makes them barely miss the playoffs, but a good season nonetheless.

Chicago Bears- Overall Prediction: 8-8

Wins- Pit, Det, NO, NYG, STL, Dal, Cle, Phi

Losses- GB (2), Min (2), Cin, Was, Det, Bal

I might get some criticism for this, but who cares. You need offensive line help in this modern day and age. Let's face it, they do not have offensive line help. The only receiver they have is Marshall. Forte and Michael Bush is arguably the best RB duo in the league, but they have a majorly againg defense.

Losing their leader Urlacher is huge; they don't have that guy in the middle calling out plays, motivating his players, and doing leader things. Also, pay attention to their schedule-- they play some of the best defensive fronts in the NFL, and again I say, you NEED offensive linemen to survive. Bears go 8-8, miss the playoffs, as we see the Cutler door closing rather quickly.