There have been several different NFL defensive lineman grouped under the name of the Fearsome Foursome. The most famous of this group were the 1963 Los Angeles Rams. With a starting defensive line that consisted of DT Lamar Lundy, DT Rosie Grier, DT Merlin Olsen and DE Deaon Jones. These men were feared on the field for their pass rush damage.

During the 1963-1967 seasons, the Los Angeles Rams front four played with grit and determination, intent on getting the job done. These men were so unique, so exciting to watch because of the way they worked as a team. For the 2013 season, it appears that the Chicago Bears may be the next fearsome foursome of the NFL.

Embedded in the crown of the Monsters of the Midway is DE Julius Peppers, LB Lance Briggs, DT Henry Melton and DE Corey Wooten. 

These four frontline men deliver an incredible mixture of pass rush wickedness and destructive tackles. They exude a killer instinct to do bodily harm to running backs and quarterbacks. The 2013 Chicago Bears defense will impose fear on their opponents with balance. With the assistance of cornerbacks Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings, the offensive teams will need to adjust on every down.

With a new fire under their belts, the 2013 Chicago Bears defensive line will resurrect the fearsome foursome name. New defensive line coach Mike Phair is determined to make the defense a unifed line with the potential to increase the number of sacks, fumbles and safeties in the red zone.

According to, the 2012 Chicago Bears were 8th overall, producing 49 sacks and 29 forced fumbles. It might be premature to predict a teams succes but the NFC North will see a revived Chicago Bears team.