Hero Of The DayHero of The Game

After a taking a shot in the mouth last Sunday Night from Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Big Ben Roethlisberger had fire in their hearts and green in their eyes. In a game where both defenses were aggressive only one offense managed to produce highlights, yards and points, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Looking to right the wrongs of week one, the Roethlisberger led Steelers bullied the the New York Jets defense averaging over five yards a play.

Though typically the Steelers are a power running football team, they may be developing into a power passing football team. I counted six plays throughout the game where Jet defenders had clear shots on Roethlisberger but were bushed aside as "Big Ben" fired strikes, including a 37 yard td strike to wide out Mike Wallace early in the third quarter to break the game open.

An efficient and impactful performance from "Big Ben" shredding the New York Jets, going 24 of 31, 275 yards, and 2 touchdowns.No question Roethlisberger is the hero of the game after displaying his uncanny ability to elude defenders and throw darts accurately down field. There was nobody happier than that battered and bruised Jets defense to get off the field after Roethlisberger and company man handled them against their wills, winning 27-10 in Pittsburgh Steelers physical fashion.

Zero of The Game

New York Jet fans always seem to get a liitle too "pumped up" over a victory, especially wins over non playoff teams like the Buffalo Bills. But what happens when they play the tough teams like the  Pittsburgh Steelers ?

Oh... I know, they end up getting blasted and taken advantage of physically. Mark "Sanchize" Sanchez puts up numbers like 10 of 27, 138 yards passing, and accounts for one touchdown that usually comes only on the first few drives.

But strangely enough even those numbers weren't bad enough to crown "Sanchize" the zero. If it wasn't for "Sanchize" not throwing a pick or a pick six, and a huge costly mistake happening, we all know "Sanchize" would have been crowned the zero.

But thanks to a play that I considered to swing momentum, second year wide out Jeremy Kerley is crowned the zero of the game. The Jets were down by ten and forced a Steelers punt from their own 13 yard line, which would have gave the Jets decent field position with 4:26 left in the third quarter.

Unfortunately, Kerley allowed the punt to bound off his face mask and it was recovered by Steelers safety Ryan Mundy. Though no points were allowed by the Jets, they never regained field position and lost an offensive series against an already suffocating Steelers defense. That mistake is one of those untimely errors that can alter the outcome of a game when the game is tight. Even though some will blame "Sanchize" for the loss, Kerley's muffed punt came at a time when the Jets needed another possession and needed to maintain field position right then, therefore Kerley is crowned the zero of the game.