Jeremy KerleyOkay, so the New York Jets did not have to depend entirely on the refs to win that game. 

They included some pretty solid play from rookie quarterback Geno Smith and the defense. 

Now the Jets travel to Cincinnati and try to win consecutive games for the first time this season. 

The Jets are on the win-lose-win-lose roller coaster. 

The Cincinnati Bengals are attempting to overcome their urge to play great one week and then suck the next. 

Who wins this battle? 

Three Bold Predictions:

Jeremy Kerley will outgain A.J. Green

Kerley is sneaky good. Green is just plain good. 

Last week Kerley had eight receptions for 97 yards and a touchdown. Green collected 155 yards on six receptions and a touchdown. 

This week Kerley will have less targets than Green, but will have more total yards than Green. Kerley will also have two more touchdowns than Green.

Chris Ivory and the Jets' offense will test the Bengals' run defense

The Bengals have the eighth ranked run defense. Their front four is formidable. 

The Jets have the fifth highest rushing average per game. Ivory ran the ball 34 times against the New England Patriots. There is no reason to believe the Jets will abandon the running game this week. Ivory, Bilal Powell, and Geno Smith will run. 

Last week against the New England Patriots the Jets' offense ran the ball 52 times for less than 200 total rushing yards. 

This week against the Bengals the Jets will run the ball 60 times for over 200 cumulative yards.

Neither Geno Smith or Andy Dalton will impact your fantasy team

This week there are six teams on a bye. There are also a plethora of injuries. There is a chance Smith is in as your starting quarterback. 

Dalton is a fantasy darling after his play last week.

This week they both wake up. Both quarterbacks will have at least one interception. The both will pass for over 276 yards, 

Smith will add one fumble to his total turnover total. The Jets' offensive line will allow Smith to be sacked three times. 

Dalton will not fumble but will be sacked twice. He will also have trouble getting the ball deep to Green, leading to incomplete passes and his one interception.

It will be ugly but competitive. 

Jets 17, Bengals 21.

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