New York Jets: Trade Darrelle Revis Now or Pay For it Later

By Jevon C. Smith
February 12, 2013 3:55 pm
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Darrelle Revis The New York Jets and their leader that exudes a lot of bravado, Rex Ryan, have a big decision to make this offseason if they’re going to bring back the cornerstone of this franchise, cornerback Darrelle Revis, for the 2013 season opener.

Revis has made it known to all of us and the organization that he wants a big pay day and not just to be the league’s highest paid cornerback but the highest paid defensive man.

We saw last offseason how the Buffalo Bills ran out and paid Mario Williams all of that money, which was $100 million, and look where they finished.

The man they call “Revis Island” might be the best corner out there but he isn’t the best fit for the New York Jets anymore. Not because of his play on the field but for the contract he’s looking for. The Jets just can’t afford that kind of deal right now and with a player that’s coming off of injury, it wouldn’t make much sense.

With the lack of depth on the offensive side, they need to load up heavy on that and not on Revis. I know this isn’t what most NFL fans want to hear - and especially New York Jets fans - but this is what needs to be done for them to go back to the Gang Green which most New York fans grew to love.

Revis is a game-changer when he’s on the field and the best at what he does but as we saw last season the defense did good without him and the money he’s seeking, they can do okay with the existing defense they already have.

The New York Jets should not stall on trading Revis and just get it over with so the fans can heal from losing their former 2007 first round draft pick and move on. Many fans want him to stay on the team and say for the New York Jets just to pay the guy. This is their hearts telling them this but they need to think really hard about this and know that moving him will only help rebuild the offense.

I would love to see him being traded to the San Francisco 49ers for ousted quarterback Alex Smith and a first round draft pick. I think that can be a win-win situation. Of course they’d have to get rid of Tim Tebow and I would like to see Mark Sanchez as the backup. What a move!

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By Jevon C. Smith
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2 years ago
The Niner's don't have the cap space, its not Balke style to trade pics (last trade we did was for Ginn a few years ago) and I don't think Alex can be a good fit, Jets have the defense but no running game and slightly questionable OL - given that not sure he can give the Jets much more than they saw before Balke/JH put a huge emphasis on the OL and the running game.
2 years ago

Don, most teams don't have the cap space but trades are done all the time. If there is a contract it's tradable, except if your A-Rod lol. But the 49ers can get him if they want him that bad. They just have to move some pieces and it can be done. I understand where you're coming from though Don. I think Alex would be a much better fit then a Sanchez and Tebow. Those boys are awful.
2 years ago
Jets better get 2 1st rounders or a high 1st and 2nd rounder if they do trade him.
2 years ago

Kunze, I hope they get the same thing as well. Revis is worth those picks for sure!

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