Tim Tebow tackledTim Tim Tebow is my kind of guy, on and off the field. I admire him as a football player and a faith-filled prayer. So like millions of other Christian football fans, I am disappointed he isn't getting much of an opportunity to work his magic for the New York Jets.

Therefore, I think it is important to do all I can to encourage head coach Rex Ryan to give Tebow a chance.

What I have come up with is a Top 10 list that I hope is both humorous and true. Here are the Top 10 Reasons Tim Tebow needs more playing time.

10. You play most of your games on Sunday. Sunday is God's day. God and Tebow are very close.

9. If he doesn't get more playing time, ESPN, TMZ, Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight will run out of excuses to air footage of him running shirtless in the rain. That footage makes my wife happy. If my wife is happy, I'm happy.

8. Mark Sanchez has been getting too much playing time with Eva Longoria.

7. All of that weight that Rex Ryan lost, Tebow found.

6. If you play Tebow more, church prayer groups all across America will start praying for the success of your team. Trust me, you guys could use some prayer.

5. You spent the entire off-season bragging about the Wildcat. Now you have to prove it really exists.

4. Skip Bayless will become your team's biggest fan.

3. Miracle finishes happen when Tebow is your quarterback. Just ask the Denver Broncos.

2. Your field goal kicker needs more game-winning opportunities. See the reference to miracle finishes above.

1. The Thursday Night Football analysts Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders need more chances to sing "Teeee-bow, Oooh Oh."