It is no secret that the New York Jets' offense is struggling to score after three preseason games. Both first string and second sting quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, are inspiring a cacophony of boos from fans.

Last week's boos from New Jersey's Met Life Stadium were so loud you could hear them across the river in New York City.

Imagine you are on a certain late night talk show in the Big Apple and it is your job to create the latest Top Ten List. Here are my Top 10 Reasons the New York Jets' offense has yet to score a touchdown.

10. Too busy explaining to the good people of New Jersey why their state doesn't appear in the team's title.

9. Desperately working to get Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes into marriage counseling.

8. Spending too much time inventing clever Tim Tebow-themed headlines for the New York tabloids.

7. They're so upset that HBO's Hard Knocks features the hapless Miami Dolphins and not them.

6. Thought that since they played at MetLife Stadium they were only supposed to score points for the New York Giants.

5. Still focusing on finding a clever Jet-inspired nickname for the Wildcat offense.

4. Repeatedly watching the last few minutes of last year's Thursday Night Football loss to Tebow and  the Denver Broncos, hoping the ending will magically change.

3. Wondering why their logo doesn't feature an airplane if their team name is the Jets.

2. Debating whether their cheerleaders are hotter than New England's cheerleaders.

1. Frantically trying to find all that weight that head coach Rex Ryan lost.