Tim TebowThere is little doubt that the New York sports media loves a good story. Tim Tebow, for better or worse, seems to provide plenty of fodder for the Big Apple's media outlets to discuss.

The biggest Tebow discussion revolves around his chances of overtaking incumbent Mark Sanchez's starting role as Jets quarterback.

If you are of the belief that Tebow has no shot of starting, then you unfortunately, are in the minority.

NFL analysts believe strongly that the Jets have set Sanchez up to fail and also think Tebow will start at some point this season.

That is hard to believe considering Sanchez just received a healthy contract extension with a lot of guaranteed money. Why pay someone all of that money, if your plans are to simply use him as a backup? That's the $20 million question.

With Rex Ryan's declaration that the team will go back to the ground and pound offense, the Jets needed to make moves in the offseason that reflects that mentality. Adding offensive coordinator Tony Sparano was a start but thereafter, not much else was done to ensure the effectiveness of the running game.

Signing another running back to complement Shonn Greene would have been the logical next step or adding an offensive lineman would have made sense also. What about adding a competent veteran wide receiver to play opposite Santonio Holmes? 

The Jets however, completed a trade to bring Tebow to New York. Unless Tebow can play right tackle or be the pass-catching wide receiver the team lacks (aside from Holmes), the move makes no sense.

Even at this year's NFL Draft, the Jets took a run blocking wide receiver in Stephen Hill who coincidentally played in a triple option offense at Georgia Tech. Sounds more like a pro-Tebow move to me.

So basically, it seems as though Rex Ryan will rely on his defense yet again. Sure, they look to be a top five defense in the NFL but when they are on the field for extended periods of time due to the offense's inability to get first downs, fatigue will prevent Darrelle Revis and company from being as dominant.

Basically, this is what we saw with last year's Jets team and unless they strengthen the offensive line, it won't matter who is under center.

For the Jets to be successful in 2012, they need to add pieces that will allow Sanchez, not Tebow, to thrive in this offense. Sanchez has shown in his short career, that if he is allowed time to drop back, he can make effective throws and lead the Jets to the postseason. 

It is time for Jets brass to open their eyes and put Sanchez in a position to succeed. Tebow is a nice backup option and hopefully, he stays just that.


Sonny Burgo

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