If being in New York is not enough, the Jets have found a way to get even more attention–by adding quarterback Tim Tebow. The Jets have been one of the most talked about franchises this offseason mainly because they were able to acquire one of the league’s most popular players.

Multiple players on this squad receive way too much media attention and are viewed as more valuable than they really are. Certain players “hogging the camera” allows for other players on the roster to go unnoticed. Not anymore. This article will list some of the overrated and underrated players on the New York Jets.

Underrated: Sione Pouha
Jets defensive tackle Sione Pouha does not have some of the accolades that other players have and his numbers are less than spectacular, however if there is one player that you want on your defensive line, it is him.

One of the best run stuffers in the business, Pouha has 117 tackles in the past two seasons and has been a huge part of the Jets defense over the past few years.

Overrated: Santonio Holmes
Super Bowl XLIII hero Santonio Holmes has done next to nothing since being traded to the Big Apple but still is viewed as a quality receiver. The Jets No. 1 wideout has caught only 103 passes in two seasons compared to the 79 passes he caught for Pittsburgh in 2009.

Holmes was signed to a five-year contract last offseason worth over $45 million. The deal comes with $24 million in guaranteed money. Big money, lots of recognition, no results. He has yet to hit 750 yards since joining the Jets.   

Underrated: Dustin Keller
With a lot of attention put towards Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski, one player who flew under-the-radar was Jets tight end Dustin Keller. While he may not be considered a top tight end, Keller was quietly able to catch 65 passes for 815 yards in 2011.

When you look at some of the other big name tight ends in the league, they all seem to have one thing in common... a good quarterback. What is impressive about Keller is he does not benefit from having Brees, Brady or Rodgers throwing him the football and certainly does not have as many other weapons surrounding him.

Overrated: D’Brickashaw Ferguson
Widely viewed as one of the top players in the league, Jets left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson has made the Pro Bowl in three straight seasons. Generally the Pro Bowl is to honor the top players in the NFL, but picks like these lead people to believe that it is just a popularity contest.
Ferguson had a rough year in 2011, giving up eight sacks, seven quarterback pressures and 22 quarterback hurries.

Underrated: Tim Tebow
The Denver Broncos seemed very unappreciative of their wonderful gift, trading him to the Big Apple for draft picks. Since moving to New York, Tebow has not had enough TV time and should get some more respect from the people around him.

Just kidding.