Watching the game last night I saw a New York Jets team that I haven't seen in over a year. It was the team that refused to quit. Take that, Carlos Rogers! 

I am not suggesting that the Jets have had any type of rebirth or are on their way to the playoffs, but what I saw last night excited me. There are three good reasons that the New York Jets will salvage a season and stay "just" above the .500 mark.

1. Antonio Cromartie has set himself on a personal mission to show the world that he is as good as Darrelle Revis. Cromartie did an excellent job of shutting down Andre Johnson. Antonio Cromartie stole a pass from Matt Schaub for a interception. Total shut down, baby! Cromartie was a major contributor in preventing Houston from schooling the Jets the way the San Francisco 49ers did. In fact, he even had an opportunity on offense, which he would have caught if the ball was in the right spot or he stayed in bounds. Look at it any way you want.

2. The Jets' defense as a whole stepped up their game and forced the Houston Texans to convert would be touchdowns into field goals. It seemed to me that even though the Texans' running game still prevailed, it needed to overcome some unexpected hurdles from the Jets' secondary.

3. The third reason the Jets won't allow themselves to die so quickly is that they showed they had heart. Whether or not they won last night is insignificant. Everyone knew they wouldn't come up with a victory and if they did, then it would have been a miracle. The New York Jets adapted to the unfortunate  circumstances that have shrouded their team this season. Even though the Jets suffered a penalty because twelve men were on the field, they became the most creative I have seen them in two years. That creativity translated into opportunities, which turned into excitement. 

If you give the Jets some time to work with the pieces of the puzzle that are not yet broken, you may be surprised what they can come up with.