For a team that is still known for the “Butt Fumble” and two players (quarterbacks) who are no longer in the Big Apple, this is a real crossroads season for the New York Jets. No Darrelle Revis. No Mark Sanchez. No Tim Tebow and a new opportunity for Rex Ryan.

Last season, team owner Woody Johnson walked into the Jets locker room after beating Miami and announced Ryan would be back this season. The fact the organization was excited about an 8-8 record speaks volumes where this team was and where it is going.

With training camp less than two weeks away, here are a few bold predictions for the coming season.


Ok, don’t hold your breath but it would make for some great press. Even after two years, Rex Ryan loves to take shots at the former college great. In May, the former Jets passer was the subject of a quip from Ryan, referring to the fact that newly acquired receiver caught eight touchdowns from Tebow. But sometimes, that is water under the bridge.

Ryan’s quarterbacks prove they are not perfect and Tebow, still wanting a shot at becoming an NFL starter, reaches out to the Jets head coach. All Ryan does is gain his composure and begs Tebow to “save” his franchise.


Seeing as though the Ryan family are into tattoos and feet, Rex Ryan pulls a Michelle Ryan and gets a tattoo on his calf of a No. 87. The number signifies the signing of Eric Decker from the Denver Broncos. It was Michelle who got a tattoo to represent Mark Sanchez when he was with the franchise.

No word on whether Decker was flattered or creeped out by the gesture. But there was some word that Decker may have wanted to know what Michelle Ryan’s shoe size was. Oh, my! At least no one is wearing nylons to practice.


Chris Johnson has a pretty high opinion of himself. Yes, he has one 2,000-yard season under his belt, but he is a shadow of his old self. Now, with the new surroundings, Johnson swears he is not washed up and proclaims to the New York media that 2,500 yards is not out of the question. To all of us, that is 156 yards per game.

Rex Ryan is usually a gambler but even the brash head choked a bit when he heard the news and felt the need to run and hide. Ask how he felt about Johnson and his proclamation, Johnson started to cough and ask for the next question.