In the National Football League the quarterback gets way too much blame and way too much credit. Last time I checked Matthew Stafford does not block, tackle, or catch passes. There are many other players that toil in obscurity but yet must do their jobs well to at least get a victory in the National Football League every week. 

However, it is important to have at least average to very good quarterback play to get to money time – the playoffs.   

That brings me to this year’s NFL Draft.  The Colts, Redskins, Browns, and Dolphins – all drafted QBs this year in the first round. To the fans of those teams how about I outline a plan for your guy and team?  

First let’s map things out for your rookie signal caller. In the first year he will throw more interceptions than touchdowns but show some promise. In the second year he will throw more touchdowns than interceptions and continue to make progress (throw for more yards, better completion percentage, etc.). In his third season all his numbers will continue to get better. He needs to work on cutting down on his interceptions, but overall progress continues. Do you fans like this plan so far?

Now Colts, Browns, Redskins, and Dolphins fans how about your rookie QB takes you to the playoffs? You like this plan?  Let’s continue then.  Let’s have your rookie take care of the football on the road in the playoffs, throw for some touchdowns, and win some road playoff games.  Sounding good right? Let’s have your guy take your team to consecutive Conference Championship games. What do you think fans…are you signing up for my plans for your team and rookie QB?  

Attention New York Jet fans Mark Sanchez has accomplished things some Hall of Fame quarterbacks never accomplished. Please calm down, enjoy his success and expect more in the future.

Mr. Sanchez has the great burden of playing in New York with ridiculous expectations and a smothering media. It certainly doesn’t help that the Super Bowl champs are in the same building. Pause and reflect for a moment Jet fans…it took Eli Manning four seasons to get to a Conference Championship game. Mr. Sanchez managed that feat as a rookie.

All players must elevate their games as the competition gets tougher in the playoffs if their team is lucky enough to get there. So if you had to choose NFL fans…what do you want – a QB that can get you to the playoffs only to wilt under the competition or a QB who raises his game to a higher level as the competition heats up? Mark Sanchez is a TOP TEN rated QB in postseason football…ALL TIME.  

Since the advent of the NFC and AFC Championship games in 1970 some great names have lead their teams to consecutive championship game appearances: Bradshaw, Griese, Tarkington, Staubach, Aikman, Montana, Elway, Favre, etc.  

The names that failed to lead their teams to consecutive championship game appearances are even more impressive. Mark Sanchez is in rarified air and deserves much more respect and love from Jet fans. Entering just his fourth season Mr. Sanchez has done something Hall of Famers have not accomplished – elevated his game at money time.

When it comes time for the playoffs turnovers are the great equalizer (see most of the NFC No. 1 seeds since 2007).  

A lopsided turnover ratio or even a losing turnover ratio usually results in a defeat. NFL fans should covet a QB who takes care of the ball and gives his team a chance for victory. Mr. Sanchez takes care of the ball, delivers touchdowns, and gives the Jets a chance to win…no matter where they play at money time.  

Enjoy the QB you have Jet fans. He will lead you to greater successes. He will certainly be more successful than an inspirational fullback who occasionally throws the ball well.