The Jets wanted to draft Geno Smith with the 13th overall pick, but decided to bulk up the defense in key areas.  The Jets were very fortunate to have Smith fall into their hands with the 39th selection.  By selecting Smith in the second round, the Jets have all but announced that the era of Mark Sanchez is over, and Tebow is now on the trade block.

Sanchez was simply a horrible quarterback marred by inconsistent tendencies and plenty of mental errors.  The Jets fans have been calling for his head for three seasons, and Tim Tebow was not the savior the Jets assumed he would become when they obtained him from the Broncos, the very team that wasted a first round pick on Tebow.

Tebow did have a storied college career, but he doesn’t have the arm nor the tangibles to be anything but a back up or 3rd string QB.  The Broncos risked a first round pick on him, just for a front office change that did not think very highly of Tebow.  He spent that season taking the Broncos to the playoffs by mostly securing their wins in the final minutes of the game, usually in a captain comeback role.

Enter the pass happy and speedy Geno Smith.  He has a stronger arm and better mechanics than Sanchez and Tebow combined.  Normally I would frown upon an Air Raid College QB having a solid NFL career, but I can see Geno Smith being the man and saving Ryan’s job next season.  There’s no competition, Sanchez is now the backup and Tebow is 3rd string if not released prior to the season.

All the Jets need now is two capable receivers to become key targets for Geno Smith.  They do have Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill.  Holmes is nursing a foot injury and is questionable for the start of the season.  Hill is a kid waiting to break out like another former Yellow Jacket, Megatron.  He has all the tools and talent to become a great NFL receiver.

Geno Smith, the Jets decided to go all-in and give notice to both Sanchez and Tebow that this will be their final season in a Jets uniform.  One-Two-Three-Four JETS! JETS! JETS!  JETS!