Jake Locker Coming off two snore-fest wins over bottom-dwelling teams, the New York Jets somehow find themselves positioned for an absurd playoff run.

That said, I am here to give you three reasons as to why the New York Jets will fall flat and ultimately lose their season on Monday Night Football.


Bold Prediction No. 1: The Tennessee Titans Will Look Like a Real NFL Team

With just four wins on the season, the Tennessee Titans' 2012 campaign has been nothing short of a disaster. That said, their roster is exponentially more talented than the lowly Jets. With weapons like Chris Johnson, Jake Locker and Kenny Britt, the Titans will control the offensive flow and win this game by at least a touchdown. 

Fans often point to poor coaching or a circus-like atmosphere as the cause for the Jets' woes. Although this may be a contributor, the real problem lies in their roster. It is utterly flawed.

On Monday night, their main offensive weapons will be Shonn Greene, a slow back with a 3.8 yards per carry average; Jeremy Kerley, a decent wide receiver, but nothing more than a No. 3 for most teams; Jeff Cumberland -- no explanation necessary; and Braylon Edwards, a guy who two weeks ago called the front office "idiots." 

The Jets simply do not have a game-breaker. Look around the league, everyone has at least one guy on offense who can change the game on one play. The Jets have zero. I would argue that five wins for this roster is actually an achievement. 


Bold Prediction No. 2: Jake Locker Will Open Eyes

Jake Locker, the second-year quarterback from the University of Washington, has left many Titans fans confused as to the future of the ball club. Fear not Tennessee faithful, this guy is good. Locker combines raw athleticism with grit.

He's thrown for 830 yards in his last three games and rushed for 110. The interceptions are concerning but they are expected with a young quarterback. Locker's biggest flaw has always been his inaccuracy, but a banged-up shoulder and youth are factors in his wildness. Expect Locker to become a better passer as the years go by. 

The New York Jets' calling card has always been their defense. But with no pass rushers and an aging linebacker corps, expect Locker - and his swift feet - to have a gritty performance. 


Bold Prediction No. 3: The Titans and Jets will Partake in a Semi-Shootout 

The Jets' last two contests set offensive football back roughly 340 years. The games against the Jaguars and Cardinals were simply unwatchable. That said, under the bright lights of LP Field, I'm expecting at least 45 points scored between these two teams. 

The Tennessee Titans, as stated before, have the offensive weapons and big-play guys to put up points against the Jets' overrated defense. In turn, I'm actually expecting a good performance from Mark Sanchez. The Titans have the 26th ranked pass defense in the NFL and they are simply too banged up, with star linebacker Colin McCarthy out, to slow down even the most inept offensive teams. 

Predicted Score: Titans 27, Jets 20