Tim Tebow Yes. The New York Jets suffered a terrible and embarrassing loss to the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday.

Yes. The offense looked flat and Mark Sanchez had a rough day.

Heck, the defense fell pretty flat as well, which might be an even bigger problem, but more about that later.

Let's focus on the offense for now and keep in mind that a perfectly capable gunslinger is waiting in the wings as we speak.

Let's remember that in the infinite wisdom of Jets management, Tim Tebow was rescued from one hopeless situation to another. The quarterback who led the Broncos to the playoffs, who is a cult hero of sorts to many fans across the nation, was asked to leave the service of a legend to back up a good (not great) quarterback in a city and franchise that thrives on drama.

Is it Tebow Time? I can't believe I am entertaining the thought! Nothing against Tim, but this is all part of the drama that makes me glad I don't live in New York. He was John Elway's boy. He had the stamp of approval. And once pawned off on the Jets the drama took a whole new turn.

Tebow Mania had only one competitor for top story since day one - Peyton's return from surgery. So it should not surprise us that the Tebow train continues to roll. The call for a switch is understandable.

But what are the real issues in New York?

Let's start with injuries. To whom is Sanchez supposed to throw the ball? Nobody I have ever heard of. Santonio Holmes is Sanchez's Wes Welker. Chaz Schilens is a decent target, but not No. 1 receiver. Who else do they have?

And then there's the defense; losing Revis isn't the end of the world, but there is a high likelihood that a trend is developing, and it isn't a good one. Their defense is trending downward and that's not a good sign for a team in the AFC East. 

Tebow might certainly add some energy to the situation. He showed it in Denver and it is probably why the Jets brought him in. But some have said that Tebow can't lead a team to the promised land. Will we ever get the chance to find out?

Cue the Batman theme (Dahnahnahnahnah...) tune in next time when you'll hear Rex Ryan say... 

And that's why the Jets look poised to free-fall to the bottom of the division. Making a premature change at quarterback will dash any hope of stopping the slide. Ryan just needs to get Sanchez back on track and keep Tebow where he belongs - on the bench for emergencies.