The Rams were projected to win but they ended up losing.  Once again there was a lot of penalties and a lack of third down efficiency during the game.  The Jets have the Rams Offense and the Jets Defense to thank for the win.  Below is the hero and zero of the game.

Hero: Bilal Powell 

He had two touchdowns during the game.  Both of them were in the second quarter.  Powell also had 11 carries and 43 yards during the game.  Powell is in his second season and had the best game of his career to date.

Zero: Bashing Rams Fans

At first I was thinking of using Brian Schottenheimer as the zero of the game but then I visited the ESPN website and saw a bunch of nasty comments from Rams fans.  Of course I'm not saying that all the Rams fans are zeros.  There are still plenty of faithful, die-hard Rams fans out there and I talk to them every week.  

I wasn't at the game but I am aware of the fact that there were Rams fans booing and jeering.  It can be tough when your team is playing poorly, but booing only makes it worse.  Would you like it if you were at work and there were people booing you?

As I continued to read the comments they only got worse and worse. I visited the Rams official Facebook page but the comments on there weren't much better so I didn't stay on there long either.

Thank you to all the Rams fans who stand by their team and support them no matter what.