New York Jets: 'Sexy-Rexy' Era Must Come to an End

By Adam Randall
December 27, 2012 11:42 pm
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This may come to a shock to most New York Jets fans, but quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow aren't to blame for the Jets demise.

This is because there are two other individuals which has cost this team dearly.

Yes, it's most definitely Rex Ryan and his incompetent counterpart Mike Tannenbaum.

When the Jets lose to the Buffalo Bills in tomorrow's week 17 match-up hopefully Jets Owner Woody Johnson will fire Ryan and save us from another ridiculous press conference.

In fact, it's quite clear that Ryan's shenanigans have clearly affected player performance. It's true that even though coaching isn't always the blame because the players are the ones out on the field, this situation is different.

Coaches aren't supposed to be buddy's with players. When training camp rolls around every year, how many times do we have to see Rex Ryan and his players standing around the practice field giggling at one another? Who cares about Ryan's foot fetish or his not-so-humorous attempt to dress up as his twin brother?

When do we ever see Patriots coach Bill Belichick, or former coach Tony Dungy act like a clown? Did Vince Lombardi ever provide comic relief during interviews? The answer to all the above is an astounding NO. What do all these coaches have in common that Rex Ryan does not? Super Bowl wins and the respect of their players.

The New York Jets have been about one thing since 2009: Rex Ryan.

Between an owner who is just too scared to put pressure on his head coach, to the head coach himself who cant coach anything other than defense and is too busy trying to get on TMZ every day, this has caused a real distraction from the main focus-winning.

The Jets wasted two draft picks on a third string quarterback in Tim Tebow who is clearly tired of this team as much as we are, and an underachieving quarterback in Mark Sanchez who is still guaranteed $8.25 million, according to CBS Sports.

However, don't be too quick to put all the blame on Sanchez. Name one other effective player on this offense besides Santonio Holmes or Shonn Greene. That's right you can't.

Given the dismal circumstances the team is currently in, there is a potential for a turnaround.

Firstly, even though Sanchez has been pitiful since joining the team, the Jets need to restructure his contract and give him at least another two years. Contingent of course on devoting the next two drafts to find help for their young quarterback.

Secondly, a new coaching staff that the players will play for.

This includes bringing in more than a half-assed offensive coordinator. Tony Sparano you know who you are.

Two examples of good coaching this season can be attributed to the tag-team in Indianapolis with Chuck Pagano and Bruce Arians. Another would be Joe Philbin and the Miami Dolphins. These are two teams that will rise quickly because these are coaches that players will play hard for and will strive until they win a Super Bowl. Also see, Jim Harbaugh and Mike McCarthy.

Jets fans need to demand more from this team, but in doing so they must pressure the owner for guidance.

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By Adam Randall
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Great analysis. I've said it thousands of times; some folks are not cut out to be "the person in charge." You can't be "buddies" with your subordinates. Ryan is a DC not a head coach.

Tannenbaum is an accountant posing as a GM.
2 years ago
Ya can't blame Tebow--they let him run, what, 15 plays? They leave a stud-buzzard athlete on the BENCH and play 'bumblefumblebutt' Sackchez?!? 3rd string QB lasts what 2 games 11 sacks ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
You've got nothing to lose: Start Tebow and not just QB keeper up the middle. Roll out passes. Rex & Tony have had the WHOLE friggin' season to develop/design play(s) for TEBOW and they did ZIP. Get rid of 'em, put Sanchez on the waiver wire, trade Tebow to a team who will use him: Patriots I bet Bill Belichick can figure a way to work Tebow into the team: Example: #11 Julian Edelman was a QB he is now a wide-out.
Get Tebow in the open field where he can break tackles, avoid tacklers and run-over defensive backs ala Larry Csonka.
What's the matter with those jokers in Jet-land.??

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