Rex Ryan Every year, teams give players and owners their support. They express how much confidence they have in the people they hired, despite the losses.

These people that the owners have so much confidence in usually end up fired.

Part of this is because confidence isn't questioned unless things are going poorly.

Reporters often seek to draw out a "vote of confidence" from an owner or executive on a failing team.

Just look at last year's votes of confidence.

Alex Smith was given a vote of confidence. He's still in San Fransisco, but only after Peyton Manning decided to go elsewhere.

Raheem Morris was given the vote of confidence after a six game losing streak put the Buccaneers at 4-8. He lost the remaining four games and was fired.

One of Ryan's players was also given the vote of confidence last year. He was declared the starter for training camp, until Peyton Manning came to town. John Elway then promptly traded Tim Tebow to the Jets (and started a lot of drama in New York).

Then there is the Jets' new offensive coordinator, Tony Sparano. He was given a vote of confidence after starting 0-4. He was fired when they fell to 4-9.

Last year, Rex Ryan actually delivered a vote of confidence, expressing his belief in former offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, who was replaced by Sparano after the season.  

He also backed his quarterback, Mark Sanchez, who is still around, if not for much longer. It seems very unlikely that the Jets would trade for Tebow just to use him as a utility player in a set of sub-packages.

Again, the vote of confidence usually comes under bad circumstances, like when a team goes on a losing streak, or maybe struggles on offense.

With the offense unable to score a TD during this preseason, and the Jets failing to make the playoffs last year for the first time since 2008, Ryan's situation certainly qualifies.

Ryan is headed for a perfect storm of confidence if he can't improve on last year's 8-8 record. With the rejected tools he has to work with at quarterback and offensive coordinator, he just might become the next victim of the dreaded vote. Good luck to him this year - he's gonna need it.

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