The New York Jets have had first round draft choices in every draft since 2000 except one.  With all those chances to make a formidable team, you would think they would be better. 

This may be way they aren't.  From worst to pretty good:

2008- Vernon Gholston OLB

Gholston appeared to have all the talent coming out of college.  Scouts were leary as to whether that talent would actualize itself on the professional level.

Selected sixth overall in the 2008 draft, Gholston never recorded a sack in his career.  He ended his career with the Jets with 16 tackles. 

2002-Bryan Thomas DE

Thomas managed a 10 year career in the NFL.  He played in 157 games.  He finished with 442 combined tackles, 33.5 sacks and seven forced fumbles. 

In his last season, 2012, he finished the season with 2.5 sacks, 18 total tackles and one pass defensed.  He was released by the Jets at the end of the season. 

In 2002 he was the 22nd pick overall.

2003-Dwayne Robertson DT

Robertson was the fourth overall pick in 2003. 

In six NFL season he amassed 16 sacks. 

In 2008 the Jets attempted to trade him to the Cincinnati Bengals.  The trade was rescinded when Robertson failed the physical.  The Jets then gave up their first round pick for nothing to the Denver Broncos. 

Some of Robertson's failing are due to the coaching change in 2006, which ushered in a 3-4 defensive scheme.  The 3-4 was not a friend to Robertson. 

2009-Mark Sanchez QB

While many believe Sanchez should lead the list, it isn't so.  Yes, the Jets traded up to acquire the USC quarterback for the number five pick in 2009. 

Sanchez did help lead the Jets to two playoffs.

He is also infamous for the butt-fumble among other transgressions. 

For his career the fifth overall pick had 68 touchdowns and 69 interceptions.  He completed his career eith a 55.1 passer rating. 

He is now the property of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

2000-Shaun Ellis DE, John Abraham OLB, Chad Pennington QB, Anthony Becht TE

By the volume of first round selections, the 2000 draft equaled itself out as one of the best, if not only due to the longetivity of the draftees.  Bill Parcells did good.  With four first round picks the Jets managed this draft to be just good enough.

Shaun Ellis had a 10 year career with the Jets.  In his very good career he collected 622 tackles, 68 sacks and 14 FF.

John Abraham although no longer with the Jets, he still is playing.  Abraham played with the Jets from 2000-2005.  During this tenure he had 209 tackles and 53.5 sacks.

Playing last year with the Arizona Cardinals, he amassed 37 tackles, four forced fumbles and 11.5 sacks. WHAT!

Anthony Becht played with the Jets from 2000-2004.  He finished his Jet career with 17 touchdowns.  His last season was with the Kansas City in 2011.

Chad Pennington finished his career with the Jets in 2007.  He had 82 touchdowns with 55 interceptions.  He finished with a 90.55% passer rating. 

This was the only team and the only time in history that a team had four first round picks.  It worked out okay.  But with that many picks we expect better. 

2004-Jonathan Vilma ILB

Vilma was the 12th round pick of the Jets in 2004. 

He played with the Jets until 2007.  In that span he collected six interceptions and 3.5 sacks. 

Since that time Vilma has taken his talents to New Orleans.  For the Saints he has collected eight sacks and six interceptions. 

2001-Santana Moss-WR

Moss was 16th overall pick in 2001.  He played for the Jets for three years. 

In his last year with the Jets, Moss played in 15 games with 45 receptions, five touchdowns, 838 yards and five touchdowns. 

Last year with Washington, Moss played 16 games, with 42 receptions, 452 yards and two touchdowns.

Last year the Jets leading receiver  Jeremy Kerley played 12 games with 43 receptions, 523 yards and three touchdowns. 

2010-Kyle Wilson CB

Wilson was the 29th overall pick for the Jets. 

For his three seasons he has 136 combined tackles.  He also has collected three interceptions.

2012-Quinton Coples DE

After playing in 16 games in 2012, Coples completed 14 games last season.  He finished the season with 24 solo tackles and 4.5 sacks. 

2011-Muhammad Wilkerson DT

Wilkerson is bargain good.  It still remains to be seen how good. 

The rookie salary cap has made the draft less hazardous. 

2007-Darrelle Revis CB

It is hard to imagine the 2007 draft with Revis not being a very good draft among all the first round picks.  If he could have stayed a Jet, this would undoubtedly be the best draft for the Jets.  However, he is gone.  So this is a good draft. 

Now it remains to be seen if he is the best Jets draft pick, for the New England Patriots.

2013-Sheldon Richardson DT

This draft included cornerback Dee Milliner also, but it is Richardson that is the gem of the draft.   Richardson was the 13th overall pick, which the Jets acquired from the Revis trade. 

For his rookie season, Richardson amassed 78 tackles and 3.5 sacks.  He was also NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. 

It remains to be seen if he will sustain.  And if Milliner can show the promise he alluded in his final games of his rookie season,  it will be a good draft indeed.