This month I expect the New York Jets to spend considerable amount of time on the phone with Peyton.

No, not Peyton Manning.

Peyton Hillis.

He would be the perfect pick up for the Jets this offseason. With Mark Sanchez and Shonne Greene both taking steps back this year, it's time for an upgrade. Greene has been his best working as a spilt-the-load running back.
Peyton Hillis is still looking for a bigger contract.  After what he pulled last year with the Cleveland Browns, I don’t expect many teams to beat his door down. If it's money he is looking the No. 1 media market in the country is the place to do it. If he can perform in New York like he did two years ago, the rest of the NFL will see it and then he will be in for a large contract.
If running behind three Pro Bowl offensive linemen on a Rex Ryan team can’t bring your stats back, nothing can.  Not to mention Hillis will have more help at WR, TE and QB than he had in Cleveland. The Browns couldn’t hurt you from any other position on offense.
This move makes the Jets instantly better not only rushing but also passing. Shonne Green was a break out star in 2009 when he came in only to relief Thomas Jones. Look for the Jets to go back to that formula of running the ball and using Mark Sanchez on bootleg play action passes. With a strong run game the opposing teams will have to stack eight or in the box. Mark Sanchez was getting hit every time he dropped back to pass last year. Running the ball effectively makes the pass rush slow down.
Best Low Risk Receiver this year

No, it’s not Randy Moss. It’s Braylon Edwards.  He spent most of his season with the 49ers Injured. Bottom line: if he could put up good numbers with Mark Sanchez during his first two years, I expect them to bring him back to New York. It’s hard for a young QB to find chemistry with a receiver. That chemistry is already there and Edwards should come at a discounted price. The Jets fans have made it clear they wants Edwards back. The position last year was a train wreck and its not a big name Sanchez needs to progress its chemistry.
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