Revis The 2012 New York Jets' season was nothing to write home about. They finished with a 6-10 record and multiple injuries on both the offensive and defensive side.

The once-proud Rex Ryan elite defense is starting to show its age, and the once average “ground and pound” offense is just getting pounded by opposing defenses. 

The only player that the Jets have on their entire team that can make a difference is Darrelle Revis. 

There are no two ways around that because everyone else on the team deserves to be in a “NFL minor league system”. Revis was injured early on in the 2012 season and missed a large chunk of it. Many fans are worried that Revis may not return to the dominating form that once forced opposing wide receivers onto “Revis Island.”

However fans should be more worried if Revis returns to the Jets at all. 

There are reports circulating in the media that Jets owner Woody Johnson is concerned about signing Revis long-term and is looking to trade the All-Pro cornerback.

On ESPN's “Mike and Mike in the Morning”, ESPN analyst and long-time Jets fan Mike Greenberg launched a “twitter petition” to voice his disgust over the issue. Mike Greenberg isn't the only Jets fan that should be disgusted over this possible move; all Jets fans should be enraged.

Darrelle Revis is the only player that Jets have right now that can make a difference on the defensive side of the football. The rest of the defense is aging and can't keep up with the new era of speed and spread options that NFL teams are bringing at them. If the Jets trade Revis, there will be no one to stop the madness of opposing NFL offenses. 

Granted the Jets finished 6-10 without having Revis in the lineup last year, and were still mathematically alive for the playoffs entering Week 14. However NFL players age before the public's eyes. A 6-10 team last year could equate to a 4-12 this upcoming season based on the aging defense.

Also, fans need to keep in mind that the Jets are $40 million dollars over the salary cap. They don't have the luxury to sign major free agents. The only way the Jets can bolster their team is through the NFL Draft and draft analysts are calling this Draft one of the weakest in years. 

There are very few weak spots next season for the New York Jets. They play the Colts, Seahawks, Texans, 49ers, Steelers, and Chargers in addition to their two divisional games against the Patriots.  There is little room for error in a season that will have little to no improvement. 

Revis, who has 19 interceptions in six NFL seasons will be the only improvement the Jets can make.  Also keep in mind Woody Johnson will be looking to get value for Revis. 

NFL GMs aren't idiots; they know Revis has one year left on his deal and is coming off a major injury. They won't give up much to get Revis now, Woody Johnson is realistically only going to get a 2nd round pick for Revis, if he is lucky. 

Is the face of the Jets' franchise really only worth an unproven 2nd round pick? For the sake of all Jets' fans, I hope not. 

For the Jets to win at all in 2013, they need Darrelle Revis; period, end of story.