When the New England Patriots and the New York Jets get together, strange things happen... you know what I mean! And this Thursday night, nationally televised meeting will be no different. Strangely, both teams are taking it easy leading up to their first of two meetings this year, with the Patriots foregoing practice for a walk through, while the Jets opt for light practice and walk through work. Even Rex Ryan was conspicuously circumspect in his comments about the Patriots and the upcoming game.

I see some amazing things happening, especially considering that both teams have a very short week to prepare for this contest. So let's get right to it.

The Patriots come in with some huge concerns, including injuries to some major contributors, like Shane Vereen, Danny Amendola, and, of course, Rob Gronkowski. The Jets also have a long list of questionable players as well, including Geno Smith, who still has some concern with the ankle.

#1 Bold Prediction:

Stevan Ridley digs himself out of the doghouse with a 150 yard performance, back in the starting role. Shane Vereen's injury gives Ridley the chance to redeem himself after a horrid showing on Sunday. He learns his lesson and doesn't drop the ball the rest of 2013.

#2 Bold Prediction:

Geno Smith is New York's leading rusher for the second week in a row, torching the Patriot defense for 60 yards on 10 rushes. His throwing, however, leaves something to be desired; he is held under 200 yards through the air by a stifling New England defense.

#3 Bold Prediction:

Kenbrell Thompkins responds to criticism and catches everything that comes his way, notching his first 10 catch, 100 yard game in the NFL and showing that he is the man in New England. Belichick rewards Thompkins by naming him the team's number one receiver going forward.

Bonus Prediction:

New England handles New York easily to the tune of 35-17.