New York Jets: Must Fire Rex Ryan To Salvage Season

By Rich Seiber
November 02, 2012 11:02 pm
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Rex Ryan Yes, I know Darelle Revis is out for the season.

Yes I do recall that Santonio Holmes is injured and out for the year as well.

And yes I do know that the New York Jets have a tough schedule.

Enough with the excuses. Every team has hardships. It's called life.

But if the Jets want to salvage their season they need their head coach Rex Ryan, whom I shall refer to as "Disaster-Saurus Rex," to become extinct at Met Life Stadium. I will give you four reasons why this dinosaur needs to be fossilized.

Rex Ryan's public pronouncements are no longer credible. Ryan is a publicity hog who claimed in his first season as Jets' head coach that the team would make it to the Super Bowl. We are still waiting four seasons later. Earlier this season he said his team would beat the New England Patriots. Though a close game, New York lost 29 to 26. The players and fans can no longer believe what he says.

Rex Ryan brought in Tony Sparano to lead the offense. Sparano's record as a head coach for the Miami Dolphins was a disappointing 29-32. Under his tutelage the Dolphins were miserable in their home stadium and fans bolted in droves. And yet Disaster-Saurus Rex somehow felt Sparano would inspire the Jets. He hasn't. According to their team Web site the Jets rank 20th in the NFL in points scored.

Rex Ryan is more stubborn than a mule and not nearly as productive as one. He continues to claim, let me paraphrase, that Mark Sanchez gives the team the best chance to win. Well, coach Ryan, it is difficult to have the best chance to win when your team is 27th in the league in offensive yards and 25th in passing yardage. Sanchez gives you the best chance to win only if the other team doesn't show up.

Rex Ryan has badly mistreated and misused Tim Tebow. When Tebow was acquired from the Denver Broncos fans were promised the Jets would have an entire offensive scheme designed for Tebow. It has never materialized and now the move seems like one of Ryan's publicity stunts. Tebow rarely gets on the field except as a punt protector. Tebow is a Heisman winner, an NCAA champion, and an NFL playoff-winning quarterback. He deserves better.

Jets' fans deserve better, too.

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By Rich Seiber
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2 years ago
You tell him, it is not all about him.
2 years ago
As a Patriot's fan I am enjoying Ryan's tenure with the Jests, but you are right that they can't succeed with him as thier coach_ Disaster Saurus Rex!
2 years ago
I agree 100%. Is Sanchez actually Rex's son or something? The whole situation reminds me of a dad who coaches his son's little league team. He just refuses to admit that Sanchez is not taking care of business and will not use Tebow. Just let Tebow play for a full quarter and see what he can do.
2 years ago
I agree with all 4 points! Rex needs to go asap!! Never liked him never will. It's Tebow Time!!
2 years ago
"Disaster-Saurus Rex," love it. At least my Cowboys won.

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