The Jets may be a laughing stock lately (this season), but throughout the decades since their shocking win over Baltimore in Super Bowl III, they have come close to repeating that success, but always coming up short. Since their shocking victory over the Baltimore Colts back in '68, the Jets have made the AFC Championship game on four different occasions, including the '09-'10 seasons. 

The Jets teams didn't always have the star power of the more successful franchises, but they have fielded many all-pros and even a couple of Hall-of-Famers, including coach Weeb Ewbank. With apologies to Coach, he probably would have made the list if I hadn't already put him on the Colts Mount, but I like to think he wouldn't be too offended.

Trying to choose the players who best evoke the Jets as a team was no easy task (well, one was), but manage I did. Read on and enjoy, and don't hesitate to offer alternatives!