The New York Jets had a very bad end to their season.  They finished at 8-8 and had a lot of in fighting.  Mark Sanchez their quarterback has taken a beating as well as the head coach Rex Ryan.  I think Rex Ryan deserves a chance to turn it around and he will get that chance.  I also don't totally blame the quarterback Mark Sanchez.  Here is what I think the biggest needs for the team are. 

I think number one they need an attitude adjustment.  The locker room is splintered and needs to be fixed.  I think that at times that can be overrated and winning can cure all ills.  In this case though I think this needs to be dealt with before it gets worse and can really threaten the team.  I especially think this since it is coming at the quarterback in a lot of instances. 

Mark Sanchez took a step backward and they need to look at him carefully.  Sanchez though is still a young player and he took a beating this year.  I think they need to look at the offensive line and fix that.  If they can fix the offensive line that will help Sanchez.  Sanchez needs to take a step forward now though also and be a leader.  Sanchez has a lot to work on and one of them is to chance the perception of him.  Eli Manning though who is on top of the world also took a beating in his first few years in New York and that has turned out fine. 

The Jets could use an explosive wide receiver.  They have Santonio Holmes who is good but is also in hot water and seems to be a cancer in the room.  The Jets could use one more wide receiver that could make game changing plays.  I don't think they have that right now and they will need to go out and try to get it. 

I think the Jets have the potential to turn it around quickly but they have some work to do.  Rex Ryan is going to have to pay more attention to the whole team.  He didn't have a pulse of the team this season and he said he will work on that.  The Jets will see what they could do in the draft and then free agency and they will come up with a plan and attack it.  I think the Jets will be motivated next season and you should see a better team.  They hopefully will get past their in fighting and move forward.  I think that will happen sooner then later but we will see how they handle this.