rex ryan A few weeks ago, the Miami Dolphins were in a slide that could have taken them to a place they did not want to succumb to - the bottom of the AFC East.

A game against the New York Jets changed all that and a 23-3 win over the AFC rivals helped the team begin a three-game winning strteak that saw them beat Pittsburgh and New England as well.

The Jets have been the enigma of the AFC this season. Head coach Rex Ryan and his staff and rejoicing one week after winning - running for their lives the next. And in the middle of all this joyous noise and conflicition is Jets coach Rex Ryan telling his players and coaching staff he figures to be fired after the season.

I guess you can never have too much drama in the big apple. Whether Ryan is fired after this weekend really depends on a win or loss and how the team looks on paper once the season is over. The same could be said for Joe Philbin, the Dolphins head coach and Jeff Ireland, the team's general manager. How the Dolphins finish, with all the turmoil the organization

Here are three bold predictions for this game...

Changing of the guard

The Dolphins win and are awarded the final playoff spot. Team owner Stephen Ross is elated and does not hide his emotion about being a playoff team. Woody Johnson, owner of the Jets, is not one to hide his emotion either and walks onto the field and fires Rex Ryan immediately. The Dolphins, knowing they need a strong defense to make a playoff run, add Ryan to their staff as a defensive consultant.

A declaration of greatness

Even in the loss, Geno Smith tells the media, "I had an incredible season and will get better. I am the best quarterback the Jets have ever had. Just about that time, Joe Namath walks into the press conference and smiles at Smith. The two exchange pleasantries and Namath moves closer to the rookie and yells, "I wanna hug you, man."

Suzie Kolber quickly appears and pulls Smith to safety.

Revis begs to come back

After the game, the Jets receive a call from Darrelle Revis. He is crying on the phone, says he misses his old teammates and begs to come back to New York. Johnson laughs on the phone and says, "It may be crazy here, but it is not nearly as bad as it is in Tampa Bay."

Revis remains in Tampa Bay.